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Worth Dying For American Assassin | Audiobooks in Review


Having recently finished both these books somewhat recently, I thought I’d handle them together. Mitch Rapp (hero of American Assassin) and Jack Reacher (of Worth Dying For) have a few likenesses as far as the jobs they play.** Both are powerful, but somewhat world-weary men…who find themselves having to sling the problems of others over their shoulders to carry their burdens, and who are willing to go to any lengths at all to see that “the cause of right” triumphs in the end.

In the case of Mitch Rapp, the story is solid enough. Probably not my favorite Rapp novel to date, but we get a lot more backstory this time…where he came from, his early training, etc…what’s led up to the man he is today. **A man who has no tolerance with overt sensitivity, and for whom, the end truly does to be sure justify the means.**. The inevitable comparison to Jack Bauer would be apt. So if you enjoyed 24, you’ll like Mitch Rapp. I did, and I do.

In the case of Jack Reacher, he’s still fairly mysterious…though, on some level, also somewhat predictable. But that’s not a complaint…if I didn’t want to hear it spelled out anyway, I wouldn’t keep listening.

**Rapp is on the path of a few bothersome Middle Eastern characters who have hijacked and are tormenting American specialists**. It’s his job to rescue them and bust up the guys who took them. **What’s more, that is pretty much all you want to be aware**. It’s very similar to the previous novels in the series. Still enjoyable. **I like Flynn’s ability to tell story, as well as the understanding into organizations, procedures, weaponry, etc.**. I think there’s only one Rapp novel that I haven’t listened to so far, and I’ve enjoyed them all about equally.

Jack Reacher has recently survived the trauma covered in the previous story in the series (61 Hours), and he’s still on the mend as he wanders into small-town Nebraska and is confronted by a rather insidious family (the Duncans) who have made the town their little fiefdom and the residents their personal slaves. They employ a bunch of former Nebraska college football players as enforcers…and then we’ve got some organized crime types who jump into the mix as well. **Reacher really can’t choose whether to remain and manage it, or to make a beeline for Virginia looking for a mysterious woman from 61 Hours. I’ll get straight to the point: He stays. Surprised?** Me neither. However, there is a very interesting angle to this story that doesn’t fully reveal itself until later, and I won’t even hint at it…except to say that it made this story the most interesting of the Reacher novels to date for me. A couple strong thumbs up on this one.

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Regarding the readers

George Guidall is the best I’ve heard. He’s strong as expected on the Flynn book. I like this person such a lot of that I genuine scour the back list of his work to find things I should listen to…just so I can tune in to him do what he does. I’ve been waiting for American Assassin for the last couple months just to hear him again. Dick Hill is the voice of the Reacher series, as he has been for years. He’s not my favorite reader. His characterizations are not that strong overall, but he does bring a certain tone (cynical, maybe?) that works well overall. There are times, though, when his voice just doesn’t work for me. A portion of the characters simply don’t sound right with that tough, smart as tone. He has sort of a Chicago wise-guy sound (this may not be a very accurate description, but it’s what comes to mind when I hear him). I wouldn’t place him in a similar class as Guidall or John Lee or Will Patton or a some of the others I’ve heard, yet he’s as yet strong and his voice is pretty string connected with the Reacher series in my mind.
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