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with David Fisher
read by William Shatner

I was in the mood for something a little lighter. I’ve always found Shatner an interesting character. I was a huge Star Trek fan when I was younger, but I’ve enjoyed him over the years in other roles as well. I just think he’s an interesting blend of ego and self-deprecation. This 6-hour audiobook goes by pretty quickly. Shatner reminisces over his entire career.

One of the things that’s amazing about him is how OLD he is. As of this writing, he’s SEVENTY-SEVEN years old…but doesn’t look a day over 65! Born in Canada and (like Leonard Nimoy) of Jewish heritage…he had a successful career on stage and in movies before landing the part of James Tiberius Kirk in Star Trek…that little show (just 79 episodes) that changed the face of television.

This is no “gotcha” memoir. He’s quite kind, and never cruel. He speaks frankly about co-stars (whom he got along with and whom he didn’t), but never rubs anyone’s nose in anything. He’s very funny…whether talking about Kirk/Trek, T.J. Hooker or Denny Crane…whether talking about beautiful female co-stars, or his 4 marriages. He talks about his very early days…working with other actors who would later become very famous: Christopher Plummer, Lorne Greene, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman

Shatner’s delivery is very relaxed, but about 5% too fast for my taste…there are moments where I wish I’d had a few moments to absorb what he was saying. I’m sure they just didn’t want it to drag on and on. His easy humor is on display…and you’ll laugh out loud a few times, or certainly at least crack a smile.

Other than the account of the alcoholism and drowning death of his third wife, there was very little in the way of heavy subject matter. But the story was consistently interesting. I’m glad I took the time, and I’m happy to recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Shatman’s work.

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9 Responses for “Up Till Now”

1. How Do You Go Public
Thank you for the review. I used to be a TJ Hooker Fan. Also he is a nice person and has self-criticism.

2. Daniel
Is that the same guy that stars in the series Boston Legal? man I love that.

3. olive from MotivAider
Is he really 77 years old? He only looks 50. Incredible. Off course, he was already captain of an intergalactic ship in the seventies so he must be of some age 🙂

5. whistlergirl from Canadian Real Estate
I loved Shatner when he played in Enterprise back in the 70s I think. Of course back then he was a little younger too. Never read his books though.

6. Richard from Chicago DVD Replication
Where is the best place to get iPod audiobooks? I just recently picked up my first ipod and would enjoy a good book for my next trip.

7. Nintendo wii sword
I am a very big fan of Shatner but I shocked to see how he has mentain himself and looking smart in age of 77. unbelievable. Remember he has been a soldier. Any way thanks for this long review.

8. Sandy
Who knew William Shatner would be so funny? Just saw him on Conan the other night promoting the book and his just hilarious. A far cry from captain Kirk!

9. Fred
The best part of Shatner’s audio book is that it makes you want to read the book itself (which is something that can’t be said about a lot of other audio books out there).
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