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Book Review UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship

What is the book; Unscripted about?

MJ DeMarco is a businessman who became a millionaire in his youth. In spite of his higher education, he decided not to waste his time on building a hierarchical ladder in the prestigious corporations, which were so popular among his fellow students. He had lower-paid part-time jobs, instead of a typical career path. This helped him to train some business skills and to develop his internet project. After a few painful years his business lived up, and he sold his company, in spite of criticism from his friends and family. Nevertheless, a new owner couldn’t keep the company prosperous.

MJ spent his main capital from the sale quickly and used the rest of the sum to repurchase the company. He decided to pay more attention to the business processes, and after a while, it helped him to increase an income. As a result, he sold the company for a seven-figure price. Due to these findings, he could realize all his childhood dreams and live carelessly for the rest of his days.

However, he didn’t want to stop at that level that is why he created a publishing company, organized a businessmen community and wrote a book ‘’The Millionaire Fastlane’’. As the author admits, he couldn’t publish it with the help of other publishing houses that is why he did it on his own.

In spite of the lacking of such things as support of the famous publishing houses, a vast advertising campaign and a well-made cover for the book, but all the same it became a bestseller thanks to the ordinary readers who helped to spread the ideas of the book among their friends and relatives. That is how it became so popular. The bookselling became an additional source of income for MJ.

In the book ‘’Unscripted’’ he broadens and deepens the ideas of the previous book. This one is well-structured and has a lot of practical recommendations. There are a lot of topics that are raised in this book, such as mental traps, stereotypes, consumerism, life from loan to loan, wasting of time, poverty, wrong attitude to money, achieving happiness and right positions.

The book “Unscripted” can be notionally divided into two main parts. In the first part, the author tells why people follow others scenarios of living and why they are weak and not free.

The second part is a description of a problem solving or a business philosophy as a way to escape from the scenario frames. The author tells us here about different manners of business organization and shares his experience and some common mistakes.

Summary and 11 Ideas of Unscripted

  1. The life of other people is followed by someone’s plan in which we have the role of slaves, who sell their time for money and get nothing instead.
  2. The life of the majority looks like a simulation.
  3. Our main and real value is time, but we still don’t appreciate it. The things you buy cost the time you spent on earning money for it.
  4. The standard scenario is based on the idea that you must choose between two ways, which are not right from the very beginning.
  5. is situated at the heart of the outta-frames scenario. The liberation starts with the words ” screw it ”.
  6. First of all, you have to get rid of the false beliefs and the mental traps to escape such a scenario.
  7. You need to have the right attitudes to your life and money to escape the scene.
  8. Love and passion are bad companions for a businessman.
  9. For living out of the scenario, you will need a competitive skill.
  10. You can’t predict the market changes, but there is only one solution, which looks like this “act-make judgments-correct the next actions”.
  11. You should have a disciplined mind.

Review; Unscripted

In spite of the fact that there are a lot of books about financial independence and success, MJ DeMarco’s book looks convincing and worthy thanks to his practical experience. The book differs from other books with its categorical and live narrative style, because the author doesn’t mind using some “strong expressions” in it. You can’t categorically consider “Unscripted” as a book from literature, which tells how to achieve success in business, as there are a lot of topics such as fortune, mental traps, right attitudes, psychology, self-efficacy, philosophy, and purposes in life.

The book “Unscripted” is primarily dedicated to a paradigm shift, right thinking and description of the systems more than to the practical recommendations. Nevertheless, no such book could especially tell what you should do to become a wealthy man. If anyone proposes to you an easy way to do it, be cautious to avoid a catch. There is a high probability that this person uses you to achieve his own goals.

Pros and Cons:

Such things as worthy and original ideas, practical experience, categorical and live narrative style, humor and funny examples can be found here.

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