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Top 25 Books Recommended by Naval Ravikant

Top 25 Books Recommendation By Naval Ravikant

Indian American investor and entrepreneur named “Naval Ravikant” is AngelList’s co-founder, chairman, and former CEO. Naval Ravikant recommended book has read lots of books during his whole life.

It would not be helpful to list every *book Naval has* mentioned somewhere. He now reads portions from many books simultaneously, jumping around based on his curiosity at any moment.

Do you want to know- What Naval Ravikant books recommendations reading? We’ve collected interviews, podcasts, and articles from Naval Ravikant to compile a comprehensive list of best book recommendations for readers.

1. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg, a bestselling business reporter naval favorite books, takes us to the exciting edge of scientific discoveries that explain how habits work and what we can do about them. Duhigg distills vast amounts of information into engaging narratives that take you from the boardrooms at Procter & Gamble to the NFL sidelines to the front lines of the civil rights movement. He offers a new understanding of human nature as well as its potential.

**The Power of Habit** is, at its core, a compelling argument. Understanding how habits work is key to regular exercise, weight loss, increased productivity, and success. This new science can be used to transform our lives, businesses, and communities.
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2. Reality is Not What it Seems by Carlo Rovell

Rovelli takes us on a fantastic journey from Democritus and Albert Einstein, through Michael Faraday to gravitational waves, and classical physics, to his work with quantum gravity. Rovelli explains how reality has changed over time and offers more explanations for the theories he presented in Seven Short Lessons on Physics.

This book ends with a concise overview of quantum gravitation, a field of research that explores the quantum natures of time and space. It aims to unify both quantum mechanics as well as general relativity. Rovelli invites you to imagine a world where space breaks down into tiny grains, and time disappears on the smallest scales, black holes are waiting for their explosion – an undiscovered universe.
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3. The Third Wave by Steve Case

Steve Case was a pioneer of the Internet and was at the forefront when he founded AOL in 1985. AOL became the first Internet company publicly traded and the most successful business venture of the 1990s. The case was about an entrepreneur in a new industry, but he understood how important the Internet would be to society and business.

It is a collection of naval favorite books, his insights from nearly 40 years of being an innovator, investor, and businessman. He advocates entrepreneurship and charts a path for future innovators.
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4. Total Freedom by Jiddu Krishnamurti

This naval ravikant book recommendations book features selections from Krishnamurti’s earliest works, including his “Commentaries on living” and his discourses on life, love, and meditation. These writings show Krishnamurti’s core teachings with all their power and eloquence:

– The nature and meaning of personal freedom
– The mysteries and joys of life
– In the ‘pathless country,’ the individual search for truth and peace

Krishnamurti advised readers not to blindly follow teachers or creeds and became an influential guide for independent-minded seekers through the 20th Century.
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5. Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Charlie Munger

Poor Charlie’s Almanac is a collection of the witticisms and wisdom of Charlie Munger, including his lectures, talks, and public commentary. This naval book recommendations was compiled and written with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s cooperation.

Take your favorite chair and relax as Charlie Munger shares his unique humor, insight, and wit with the worlds of investing and business. His unique perspective, which he refers to as a “multidisciplinary” approach, is a model that enables clear, simple thinking, but it’s far from simplistic.

Munger uses his comprehensive expertise to reference everything from classical orators, pop culture, and eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European literati.
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6. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Rarely do we meet a writer who transcends all comparisons – a writer whose work changes our perception of the world. Neal Stephenson is such a writer, and Snow Crash is so novel. It weaves virtual realities, Sumerian myths, and everything else in between with a relaxed cyber sensibility to bring you the Giga thrillers in the information age.

Hiro’s Protagonist, in real life, is a pizza delivery boy. He’s a warrior-prince in the Metaverse. He plunges headfirst into a mystery about a new virus that can infect computers worldwide. He races down the streets lit by neon, searching for the shadowy virtual enemy threatening to unleash the apocalypse.
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7. Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Talib

Like human bones become stronger under stress and tension, or rumors or riots intensify when people try to suppress them, so many things in our lives benefit from chaos, disorder, volatility, stress, and turmoil. Taleb’s “antifragile” naval book list has been defined as a group of things that can thrive and survive in chaos and require it.

Taleb, in Antifragile, turns uncertainty around. It is desirable and even necessary to make things more antifragile. The antifragile transcends the robust or resilient. The resilient can withstand shocks and remain the same. However, the antifragile keeps getting better and better as it is immune to prediction errors and protected against adverse events.
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8. The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley supports the economics of Hope, arguing that commerce, technology, innovation, and change – which Ridley refers to as cultural evolution- will invariably increase human prosperity.

Two hundred years ago, the public was dominated by pessimists who insisted that things would get worse. Things are improving – and it is happening at an increasing rate. Food availability, income, and life span have increased; violence, child mortality, and disease are all down worldwide. Africa is moving ahead of Asia in terms of poverty. The Internet, mobile phones, container shipping, and the Internet enrich daily life.

This is a refreshing, insightful, and revelatory naval ravikant recommended books that covers the whole history of humanity – from the Stone Age to the Internet. It will transform your outlook on the world.
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9. The Sovereign Individual by James Dale Davidson

*The Sovereign individual* provides strategies for financial adaptation to the next phase in Western civilization.

Rees Mogg and Davidson examine the most incredible economic-political transition in centuries – The shift from an information-based society to one that is industrial. They call this the “fourth stage” of human society, and it will free individuals like never before. It will also change the power of the government. This naval ravikant recommended books is a masterpiece that will erase false hopes and deceitful beliefs and replace them with new understandings and clarified values.
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10. Think on These Things by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti looks at the expressions we refer to as our culture, education, politics, and tradition with characteristic objectivity. He also sheds much light on basic emotions such as ambition, greed, envy or the need for security, and the lust for power – all of which he points out are contributing factors to the decline of human society.
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11. Influence by Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini – New York Times bestseller author of Pre-Suasion, the naval ravikant recommended book seminal expert on the fields of Influence & persuasion – explains how people say yes. He also demonstrates ethical ways to use these insights in business and everyday life. Cialdini makes it simple to explain this vital topic using relatable stories and real-life examples.

You will learn Cialdini’s Universal Principles of Influence. These principles include new research, new uses, and how to defend yourself against untrue influence attempts. Although you might think you are familiar with these principles, you may not be able to appreciate their complexity fully.

The principles are easy to grasp and ethically apply. With Dr. Cialdini’s 35 years of peer-reviewed, evidence-based scientific research and a three-year field study that examined what drives people to change, *Influence* is a complete guide for using these principles to help others.
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12. Principles by Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio, a New York City resident, founded Bridgewater Associates in 1975. He started the investment firm from his New York City apartment. According to Fortune magazine, Bridgewater Associates has grown to be the fifth most valuable private company in America, having made more money for clients than any other hedge fund. Time magazine included Dalio in its 100 most influential people list.

Dalio found a unique set of principles that led to Bridgewater’s extraordinarily influential culture. It is a concept of meritocracy, he says. It aims to create meaningful work and relationships through radical transparency.
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13. Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! by Richard P. Feynman

Richard Feynman, the Nobel Prize in Physics winner, was an adventurer who thrived on crazy adventures. In this interview, he recounts his experiences with Einstein and Bohr on atomic physics and Nick the Greek on ideas for gambling. Books recommended by naval ravikant He also discusses his adventures with Nick the Greek in cracking the impossible safes that hold the most secret nuclear secrets and also describes his experience with ballet accompaniment on his bongo drums and painting a naked female Toreador. This is Feynman’s bizarre, explosive mix of intelligence and unlimited curiosity.
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14. Genome by Matt Ridley

The greatest scientific discovery of the 21st Century is the mapping of 23 pairs of chromosomes within the human genome. It raises as many questions and answers as it answers. These questions will profoundly impact our understanding of the disease, longevity, and free will. These are questions that will affect your entire life.

The genome provides a unique insight into the implications of this incredible breakthrough. Matt Ridley tells the story of the origins of our species, from the dawn of time to the present day. He picks one gene from each pair of genes and tells its story.

Ridley investigates the scientific and philosophical implications of the genomic mapping, including the effects of gene therapy on cancer, Huntington’s disease, and the horrors that eugenics can bring about. It will help explain the scientific significance of this milestone for you, your family, and all humanity.
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15. Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

Since the beginning, we were taught that fat is bad for you and carbs are better. The key to maintaining a healthy weight is eating less and exercising more. Despite this advice, we see unprecedented levels of obesity and diabetes. Taubes claims that the problem is in refined carbohydrates such as white flour, easy-to-digest starches, and sugars and that good health depends on the number of calories we consume.
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16. Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

This informative and concise journey through economics among the books Naval Ravikant recommends can be deceptively prescient and far-reaching in its efforts at dismantling economic fallacies which are so widespread they have almost become an orthodoxy.

The emphasis placed by Hazlitt on non-governmental solutions, a strong and well reasoned anti-deficit position, and a general focus on freedom of markets and individual economic liberty make Economics In One Lesson just as valuable today as it was when it was first published in 1946.
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17. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

A groundbreaking story about humanity’s origins and evolution, written by a well-known historian. It is a #1 international bestseller that examines how biology and history have shaped us and enriched our understanding of “humanity.”

Sapiens examines the evolution of humans in the global ecosystem and charts the rise of empires. It integrates science and history to question accepted narratives, link past developments to current concerns, and place-specific events within the larger context of more significant ideas.

Dr. Harari urges us to keep our eyes open because humans have started to defy the laws of natural selection over the last four billion years. We are becoming able to design the world around us and ourselves. What are we going to do?
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18. Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Grand Prix of Academie Francaise, Wind, Sand, and Stars winner captures flight’s glory, danger, and isolation. It is one of the most loved works about flying, thanks to its exciting account of air adventure combined with poetic prose and philosophy.
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19. Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang

Stories Of Your Life And Others shows dual delights in the extraordinary and heartbreakingly personal. It often features characters who must deal with sudden change – such as the inevitable rise of automatons and the appearance of aliens – while still maintaining some sense of everyday life.

Chiang employs humor and sharp intelligence to explore what it means to be alive in an uncertain world. This is an award-winning collection by one of today’s most revered writers. It is a modern classic.
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20. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This book offers more than just simple principles and platitudes. It guides readers on a spiritual journey that will help them discover their true selves and achieve the highest level of spirituality and personal growth: truth and light.

Tolle opens the books recommended by naval ravikant by introducing readers to enlightenment. He teaches readers how to live fully in the now and has pain-free identities by awakening them to their role as creators of pain. The author takes you on a fascinating journey and shows you how to connect to the unbreakable essence of your Being, “the eternal, always-present One Life beyond all forms of life, death, and everything in between.”
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21. Art of Living Dead

Art of the Living Dead is a book that focuses on creativity, despite how strange it might seem. It provides a guideline for protecting the brain’s vital parts. What is the opposition to innovation? Why is creativity so easy for some people? How come relics of the past are still around with better alternatives? Where does creativity originate? How can we preserve our artistic talent while working within a company? How many innovators have we lost because humanity has collectively shunned their creativity and ambition? These questions will alter your perceptions of advertising, art and cars, education, fame, success, and other topics naval ravikant favorite books.

Is there any hope for a civilization that can rocket through space without knowing its direction? Find out more by ordering Art of the Living Dead today. You can protect your brain, friend. This could get very messy.
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22. Who Are We And How we Got There

In the past few years, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our ability to extract DNA from ancient peoples. These essential new data have added to archaeology’s, and anthropology’s knowledge challenged long-held beliefs and revealed surprising surprises. David Reich, part of these groundbreaking discoveries, discusses what genetics can tell us about ourselves and our complicated and sometimes unpredictable ancestry. We are no longer able to identify any racial purity. Instead, genetics reveals a wide range of combinations. Reich discusses the most recent findings and considers the sensitive issues involved in tracing our ancestry. Science sometimes clashes with tradition and politics. Reich also conveys an important message. He explains that each of us is the product of long-term migrations and intermixing of ancient peoples. These ghosts are part of our DNA.
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23. Hagakure

This graphic interpretation of William Scott Wilson’s definitive translation is adapted by Sean Wilson and features vibrant Chie Kutsuwada. This visual treatment of one of the essential Samurai treatises will delight manga lovers, martial arts enthusiasts, and students of Japanese culture. Hagakure, an anecdote and tale collection that evokes the Arabian Nights structure, provides insight and guidance into the philosophy of bushido, the way of a warrior. An aspiring young Samurai seeks out the direction of a Zen monk who is a veteran warrior. The young Samurai, ambitious as he is, begs wisdom from an older master. He agrees. Thus begins a series of illustrious meetings. Each meeting is different. The master shares tales from Samurai’s past with his young students at each sitting. Stories of notable warriors are shared, along with ignoble gaffs. Samurai justice is brutal and unrelenting. Wrongs are righted, and judgment is made. The young Samurai novice is taught by each incident what it means to be a Samurai. You will learn the meaning of courage and correct thinking. Learned the harsh realities as well as subtle wisdom of his generation. The project’s writers, Sean Wilson and chie kutsuwada bring a wealth of experience. William Scott Wilson, the translator of the Kodansha International version of this books recommended by naval ravikant, is an additional bonus.
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24. The Elephant in The Brain

Primates are political animals, while humans are primates. Therefore, our brains are not only designed for hunting and gathering but also to help us socially succeed, often through deception and self-deception. While we might be self-interested schemers, we can still benefit from pretending otherwise. We don’t like to think or talk about our selfishness. This is the “elephant in the brain.” It isn’t easy to understand our nature and find the reasons for our actions. This books recommended by naval ravikant, aims to expose our hidden motives. It will help us find the darkest corners of our minds and blast them with floodlights. Once everything is clear, we can better understand ourselves: Why do you laugh? What makes artists so sexy? Why brag about our travel? Why do we prefer speaking over listening?

Our unconscious motives affect more than just our behavior. These institutions are often designed to conceal our hidden motives and serve their “official” goals. Significant hidden motives can disrupt the political debates and lead one to question the legitimacy of these institutions and the policies intended to help or hinder them. After facing the elephant inside your brain, you’ll never see yourself the same way again.
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25. 12 Rules For Life

Jordan Peterson has helped millions of people, old and young, both women and men, live a life with accountability and purpose. Jordan Peterson is here to assist you.

Based on his experience as a psychologist in the field and drawing lessons from the world’s most ancient myths and legends, Peterson offers twelve profound and practical rules to follow. As Peterson reminds us, we all have a crucial part to play in the changing destiny of our world.

Awe-inspiring, enlightening and rewarding, *12 Rules for Life* is a lifeboat designed with solid foundations for turbulent seas. The ancient wisdom of the past is applied to today’s challenges.
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Naval favorite books likes taking notes in a book like taking photos during trips. It takes us away from the present, keeping memories. He likes to revisit great books more often than read new ones. Reading has been a significant factor in developing his character to be a man. In addition, this preferred academic activity could have had something to be with the spirited and rewarding attitude he applies to his daily life. And these books recommended by naval ravikant are his recommendations for every reader who wants to taste a different concept of a book.

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