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Top 16 Books Websites For Free Online Book Reading

Top 16 Books Websites For Free Online Book Reading

Are you thinking about using the internet to download free books? In reality, there are plenty of websites offering free online books to read. These websites ensure that you don’t have to download or waste time and internet data downloading the books to your tablet or eReader since you can read whole books in a snap by using a web browser.

This article will find a top list of websites that allow you to read online books without downloading. The websites listed here might provide download options, but they all have books that are free to read online. Visit a website and begin reading today!

1. Google Books:

The most comprehensive selection of books is available on Google Books website. If you choose the appropriate book, you will find some of the most inspiring passages in the book that will encourage you. Finding a book is the same as typing a search into Google, but there aren’t all the available books on Google Books accessible to download at zero cost. After you’ve found the book you want, select “Search tools” and change “Any books” to “Free Google eBooks” to make sure that you’re getting the book content for free.
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2. Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is said to be the older source for all websites that offer ebooks. It was created in 1971 when Michael S. Hart invented the first ebook ever published. It was the “Declaration on Independence of the United States of America,” and you can immediately read it within a new tab in your browser.

Many websites offering free ebooks in the public domain utilize the books published for and published on Project Gutenberg.

More than 60,000 books from the public domain within the library catalog are available there. If you’re looking to find excellent classic books, Project Gutenberg is the most appropriate place.
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3. The Library of Congress:

If you’re searching for books on the internet with classics, the Library of Congress has the solution. It has more than 60 classic titles accessible via an intuitive interface. It’s the ideal site if there’s one particular classic book you’re trying to go through. The collection also includes many of the greatest children’s literature published, such as ***Alice in Wonderland*** Books like ***Cinderella***. Once you’ve completed browsing the website, look at these amazing free audiobooks for children.
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4. Smashwords:

If you’re looking for free books that aren’t only fictional, Smashwords is your website. There’s a wide selection of genres available, including essays, non-fiction, fiction plays, poetry and screenplays. Choose the “Free” tab when you browse for books because there are a few exceptions to the 300,000 books available for free. Then there’s an “Online Reader” option available under “Downloads,”. You can decide whether to download or read from the browser to access the ebooks available online for reading.
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5. Open Library:

The purpose of Open Library is to create an online site that contains every book ever published. The easy-to-use database of websites contains millions of books, making it an ideal site to read. If you’re looking for the same book website for reading, it’s possible to search it for your own. Once you’ve found the results, make sure that the “Ebooks” box is checked to ensure that the results will provide you with the book you can read at no cost.
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6. Internet Archive:

It is an independent digital library that provides access for free to digital content, including books, images, videos, audio, and softwares. It provides more than 20,000,000 texts and books. It allows you to download ebooks in EPUB, PDF, or Kindle format or browse the books on the internet without downloading. To begin reading, click on the cover, and it will open immediately in the browser. The most striking feature of this reader online is the real-time page-turning animation that is similar to reading a physical book instead of an ebook.
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7. Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg was established in 1971 and is now the longest-running eBook collection on the internet. Although the site asks for donations, there are no charges needed to access the online books for free reading they provide. There are more than 56,000 eBooks available to download, and they’re accessible via Kindle and can be downloaded. Are you planning to go on vacation? You can download the classic books from Project Gutenberg before finding the most suitable books for your family to take on your next journey.
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8. HathiTrust Digital Library:

HathiTrust is a partnership between more than 90 (still expanding) researchers and academic institutions around the world with a library of more than 10 million books from libraries for research, as well as content that has been digitized through Google Books and the Internet Archive digitization projects in addition to local content that libraries have digitized. You can type the book into the search bar and find the one you’re looking for. After that, you can select “Full View,” The reader’s online will start to start opening immediately.
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24Symbols is a subscription-based site. It also allows you to browse online for books. It will be linked with your Facebook account once you have created an account on that site, and it will link to your mobile device to enable you to browse free books across various sites. You can browse books alphabetically and by writer names in different languages and subject matter.
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10. Bookboon:

Bookboon is an internet-based publishing website that produces ebooks, focusing on publishing textbooks that are Ebooks designed for students. It is possible to sign up for free access to more than 1000 free textbooks online and download them. Professors write most of the textbooks available in Bookboon of the world’s most prestigious universities. The topics that Bookboon offers in its books for students include Human Resource Management, IT economics, Natural Science, Management Engineering, and much more.
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11. BookBub:

If you’re a fan of scheduled books in always seeking something like a novel for you to enjoy, BookBub is a website that gives you the best books for reading in your daily life. To access the book on this site, you’ll need to register an account. However, it is completely free. After you’ve signed up, it will ask users to choose their favorite categories to give you the most recommended reading choices. It’s more than that BookBub gives you access to many books at no cost. However, it also gives amazing deals on top-selling titles. It will notify you when top-selling titles are accessible on the internet (for only a few days) at a 75 percent discount. As you read through your books, you’ll instantly recognize these famous opening lines to books.
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12. Wattpad:

Wattpad is among the most popular reading websites around the globe. It connects an international audience of more than 80 million readers and authors by using storytelling to connect people. Thus, there’s a broad range of ebooks on Wattpad. You can browse through and choose the best book you would like to read. Just click on the cover, and a pop-up window will appear. After that, click”Read” to begin reading online.
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13. BookRix:

BookRix allows users to download eBooks free of charge onto tablets or iPad, eReaders and mobile phones. The site offers books published by self-published authors and books belonging to the Public Domain. The homepage categorizes the books into genres such as romance and fantasy, fiction, thrillers and children’s and young adult titles so that it is easy to find the most recent book to go through. Certain books may even include romantic quotations that will make you feel romantic. When you’ve read through some of the books listed on this website, look at this list of LGBTQ novels to get a different reading taste.
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14. Authorama:

The site gives many free books in a specific format for those who like to read without complex designs or instructions. Authorama is one of the simplest sites to download books at no cost, particularly in a remote area, as it is fast to download even when you have a slow internet connection. It includes a variety of historical fantasy fiction novels, such as books written by authors like Mary Shelley, Francis Bacon, and Charles Dickens.
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15. ManyBooks:

The website offers more than fifty thousand books online for free access for download. It is more likely that you will find free old books than contemporary ones. ManyBooks has a wide collection of books and other eBooks at a discounted price. Learn more about accessing free stuff through the internet for the ManyBooks website.
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16. Read Print:

Read Print is an online library with hundreds of free books. The classics are accessible with the Creative Commons license and include non-fiction writing, essays, fiction poems, and plays.

Registration isn’t necessary. However, it allows you to monitor what you’ve read and what you’d like to read. You can also write reviews for books you’ve read and add them to your favorites list.

There are a variety of ways you can locate the book content you’re searching for using keywords, for example, search to find a title, author, genre of writing (e.g., essay, play, or nonfiction) and a list of the most popular books being read online, and an author index. For instance, if you’re seeking books written by William Shakespeare, a simple search results in all of the works of Shakespeare.

There’s also the option to start reading mode if you’re not a fan of the other interface for reading.
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There’s no reason to pay for a subscription to a library when you can access thousands of fantastic books without paying one cent through the internet. It’s simple to discover the book or enjoy it by reading or even create a collection for yourself that you enjoy reading or downloading free ebooks immediately.

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