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Top 16 Books Recommended by Harlan Coben


You have not experienced a thrill ride until you have read a single Harlan Coben book.

Harlan Coben is the New York Times top rated author of more than 20 novels, including Just One Look, Tell No One, and Gone forever. His nivels have been converted into 40 language and sold in more than 80 nations. Go along with us as we explore the main 10 Harlan Coben books that you should read right away!

1. Just one Look

This was the very first Harlan Coben novel I read and it quickly snared me on his writing. Four people with apparently nothing common are going to die, however only one of them knows it. The tell-all story bounces between characters as we find out increasingly more about every one of their pasts and what they’re completely attached. You’ll be as eager and anxious as ever to lean about reality with these characters and what occurs next!

A common preview makes a mother’s reality unravel in a moment. After getting her two small kids from school, Grace Lawson glances through a recently evolved set of photos. She tracks down an odd one in the pack: a mysterious picture from 20 year back, showing 4 outsiders she can’t identify. But, there is one face she perceives — that of her husband other, from before she know him. At the point when her better half sees the photograph that night, he leaves their home and drives off without clarification.

She doesn’t have idea where he’s going, or why he’s leaving. Or if he is returning back. Nor does she understand how dangerous the quest for him will be. Since there are others interested both her husband past and that photograph, including Eric Wu: a wild, quiet killer who won’t be stopped from finding his victim, no matter of who or what delay him.
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2. Hold Tight

“We’re losing him.” With this words, Mike and Tia Baye choose to keep an eye on their 16 year old child Adam, who become progressively surly and removed since the suicide of his best friend. They install a modern covert operative program on Adam’s PC, and inside the space of days they are shocked by a message from an unknown reporter addressed to their child – ‘Simply keep silent and all safe.’

Meanwhile, browser a web-based memorial for Spencer set up by his classmate, Betsy Hill is struck by a photograph that seems to have been required that evening of her child’s death and he wasn’t alone. She thinks it is Adam Baye standing right the camera’s range; however when Adam missing, it before long turns out to be clear that something deep and vile has contaminated their local area. For Tia and Mike Baye, the inquiry they should respond to this: with regards to your children, is it conceivable to know too much?
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3. The Innocent

The Innocent is a holding and quick moving thriller that will keep you speculating until the end. It’s described by Myron Bolitar, who enjoys sports and solving secrets in equivalent measure, and this story takes it to a next level.

You never intended to kill him… .One night, Matt Hunter honestly tried to separate a fight— and ended up a killer. Presently, after 9 years, he’s an ex-con who doesn’t underestimate anything. His wife, Olivia, is pregnant, and both of them are shutting on their fantasy house. But, all it will take is one stunning, baffling call from Olivia’s phone to break Matt’s life a second time…

A electrifying thriller of a novel that looks behind the white picket walls of the suburbs, The Innocent is at once a twisting, turning, genuinely charged story and a convincing story of the decisions and the repercussions that won’t ever leave.
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4. Long lost

In this part secret, thriller, we get to know the groups of two best friends who disappeared at their 10 year ago. So her frantic call from Paris surprises him. In a breaking confirmation, Terese reveals the grievous story behind her missing— her battles to get pregnant, the best moments of her life when her child was born….and the deadly accident that denied her, all things considered, her marriage, her happiness and her beloved girl.

Presently a suspect in the murder of her ex in Paris, Terese has no place else to turn for help. Myron notices the call. However at that point a terrify piece of proof flips around the whole case, uncovering Terese’s for some time….and the genuine chance that her little girl might in any case be alive. In grave danger from unknown attackers in a nation where nothing is as it appears, Myron and Terese competition to remain a stride in front of Homeland Security, Interpol, and Mossad.

Soon they are working high speed place, not only to realize what truly happened to Terese’s long-lost missing little girl— but to uncover an evil plot with stunning worldwide implication.
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5. Promise Me

The school year is almost finished. Nervous families await for news of college acknowledgments. In these last tension long periods of secondary school, a few children will make the all-too-normal and all-too-dangerous misstep of drunk and driving drunk. But, Myron set in stone to assist with guarding his friends’ kids, thus he makes two neighborhood girl promise him: If they are ever having a difficult time but are afraid to call their parents, they should call him.

Several nights later, the call comes at 2:00 am, and true to his word, Myron picks up one of the girls in midtown Manhattan and drives her to a quiet cul-de-sac in New Jersey where she says her friend lives. The next day, the girls parents find that their girl is missing. And, that Myron was the last one to see her. Frantic to satisfy a good natured promise turned horrible wrong, Myron competitions to find her before she’s gone forever.

However, his past won’t be covered with such ease – for inconvenience has consistently followed him, and his friends and family often suffer. Presently Myron should choose for the last time what his identity is and what he will stand up that any expectation of saving a young girl’s life.
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6. Darkest fear

Myron Bolitar’s dad’s recent heart attack brings Myron collide with a midlife experience with issues of adulthood and mortality. And if that’s not enough to turn around his life, the most memorable of his first girlfriend is.

The basketball star sports specialist, who does a little identifying when business is slow, is disheartened by the news that Emily Downing’s 13-year-old child is dying and furiously needs a bone marrow transplant; even if she leave him for the one who destroy his basketball profession, he couldn’t wish tsuris like this to anybody. And he’s not interested in engaging with Emily once more, not even to find the one secretive contributor who might have the option to save the boy.

But, when Myron discovers that Jeremy Downing is his own child, considered the night before Emily and Greg Downing wedded, he leaves on a search for somebody who missing a lifetime back. And, what he finds leads him to a strong family determined to stay quiet, a shamed reporter who might have privacy a novel to make a chronic executioner, an FBI specialist, and a missing child.
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7. The Boy From the Woods

30 years ago, Wilde was found as a kid living feral in the wood, without any memory of his past. Now grown-up, he actually doesn’t have any idea where he comes from, and another kid gone missing. Nobody appears to take Naomi Pine’s missing seriously, not even her dad with one exception. Hester Crimstein, a TV criminal lawyer, knows through her grandson that Naomi was lasting at school. Hester asks Wilde-with whom she shares a grievous connection to utilize his special abilities to find Naomi.

Wilde can’t ignore an untouchable in a difficult situation, yet to find Naomi he should wander once more into the local area where he has never fit in, where the strong are protected in any event, when they harbor mysteries that could destroy the lives of millions . . . privileged insights that Wilde should uncover before it’s too late.
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8. The stranger

Harlan Coben’s The Stranger is an irritating crime thrill ride that will leave the reader speculating until its last pages. Set in the comfort of an unassuming community in the suburbs it invokes the theory that nothing is as it appears and in some cases, the fantasy with the white picket wall is only that – a fantasy story. Adam Price learns in the most difficult way, that reality doesn’t necessarily set you free and now and again it can cause more damage than the actual fraud .

At the point when Adam Price is moved by the outsider at a young games meeting, he is poorly ready for the life-changing data the man presents to him. Gaining of his wife’s other’s duplicities from an ideal outsider is even more disrupting than the secret themselves. That discussion changes Adam’s life forever and when he goes up against Corinne her watched reaction is confused. Then, at that point, his wife turns up missing and Adam knows the main thing he can do is look for the outsider and make quick work of Corinne’s missing for the last time.
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9. Tell No One

For Dr. David Beck, the misfortune was breaking. And, consistently for the past 8 years, he has remembered the horror of what occurred. The glimmering lake. The pale evening glow. The strong screams. The night his better half was taken. The last night he saw her alive.

Everybody lets him know now is the right time to continue on, to fail to remember the past once. A message has shown up on his PC, an expression just he and his dead wife know. Unexpectedly Beck is insulted by the inconceivable that someplace, some way or another, Elizabeth is alive. Beck has been warned not to tell anyone. And, he doesn’t. Instead, he runs from people he trusts the most, diving head-first into a search for the shadowy figure whose messages hold out a frantic expectation.

Be that as of now Beck is being pursued down. He’s going directly into the heart of a dark and destructive mystery and somebody means to stop him before he arrives.
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10. Gone for Good

As a kid, Will Klein had a legend: his elder brother, Ken. Then, at that point, on a warm rural night in the Kleins’ princely New Jersey area, a young lady – a girl Will had once loved- was seen as brutally killed in her family’s storm cellar. The great suspect: Ken Klein. With the proof against him overpowering, Ken simply disappeared. Also, when his broke family at no point ever heard from Ken in the future, they were sure he was long gone.

Presently 11 years have passed. Will has found verification that Ken is alive. And, this is only the first in a series of dazzling disclosures as Will is compelled to confront insights about his sibling, and even himself. As a brutal secret unwinds around him, Will realizes he should press his search the whole way to the end. Since the most remarkable surprise are on the way.
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11. No Second chance

No Second Chance is a 2003 thriller novel composed by Harlan Coben. The novel follows Marc Seidman, a man who wakes in the hospital with a shot injury to observe that his better half is dead, his girl is missing, and he is the main suspect.

Dr. Marc Seidman awakens in the hospital 12 days after being shot in his Kasselton, New Jersey, home. His wife, Monica, is dead, and their baby little girl, Tara, is missing. Analyst Bob Regan reveals that the investigator found Marc’s drug-addicted sister Stacy’s fingerprints in his home, while Stacy never visited. Marc’s closest friend and legal counselor, Lenny Marcus caution Marc not to address the police without him.

Investigator Regan and FBI Special Agent Lloyd Tickner suspect Marc in view of his missing gun. On Lenny’s advice, Marc tells the police regarding the payoff interest. The kidnapper’s call and a hidden voice guide Marc to Paramus, New Jersey. There, Marc delivers the cash to a man named Pavel, and he wait for a call from Tara’s area. Tickner shows up in an unknown FBI vehicle, and Marc gets a call criticizing him for including the police; the line goes dead.
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12. Just One Look

An ordinary depiction makes a mother’s reality unwind in a moment. In the wake of getting her two small kids from school, Grace Lawson looks through a recently evolved set of photos. She tracks down an odd one in the pack: a baffling picture maybe 20 years ago, showing 4 outsiders she can’t recognize. But, there is one face she admits — that of her husband, from before she knew him.

At the point when her husband sees the photo that night, he leaves their home and drives off without clarification. She doesn’t have any idea where he’s going, or why he’s leaving. Because there are others interested in both her better half’s past and that photograph, including Eric Wu: a wild, quiet murderer who won’t be stopped from searching his quarry, no matter of who or what block him.

Her reality flipped around, loaded up with questions about her herself and marriage, Grace should confront the dim corners of her own shocking past she battles to learn with reality, track down her husband, and save her loved ones.
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13. Six Years

6 years have passed since Jake Fisher watched Natalie, his first love, marry another man. 6 years of hiding a broken heart by hurling himself into his career as a professor. Six years of staying true to his promise to leave Natalie alone, and 6 years of tormented dreams of her life with her new husband, Todd. But 6 years haven’t come to blow out his feelings, and when Jake runs over Todd’s tribute, he can’t get himself far from the funeral.

There he gets the brief look at Todd’s wife he’s expecting… yet she isn’t Natalie. Whoever the grieving widow is, she’s been hitched to Todd for almost 20 years, and with that reality, all that Jake thought he had some of the best and a great time of his life — a period he has never moved past — is turned totally back to front. As Jake looks for reality, his picture-perfect memory of Natalie starts to untangle. A common friend of the couple either can’t be found or doesn’t recall Jake.
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14. Stay Close

Megan is a rural soccer mother who sometimes walked on the wild side. Presently she has two children, an ideal husband, a picket wall, and a developing feeling of disappointment. Beam used to be a talented story picture taker, yet at age 40 he winds up in an impasse work acting like a paparazzo pandering to superstar-fixated rich children. Jack is a criminal investigator who can’t go of a cold case — a husband and father missing 17 years ago, and Jack spends the anniversary every year visiting a house frozen, the missing man’s family actually waiting, his shoes left by the chair as though he could appear any second to step into them.

Three people carrying on with lives they never needed, concealing mysteries that even those nearest to them could never think of, will find that the past doesn’t subside. Even as the horrible outcomes of some time in the past occasions crash together in the present and take steps to ruin lives, they will arrive at the startling understanding that they probably shouldn’t fail to remember the past by any stretch of the imagination.

And, as each defies the dark side of the American Dream — the weariness of a pleasant rural life, the fervor of temptation, the urgency, and hunger that can hide behind even the prettiest layers— they will find the hard truth that the line between one sort of life and another can be as thin as a heartbeat.
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15. Missing You

It’s a profile, similar to all the others on the online dating website. As NYPD Detective Kat Donovan centers around going with the picture, she feels her entire world detonate, as feelings she’s ignored for a long time come crashing down on her. Starting back at her will be her ex-fiance Jeff, the one who broke her heart — and who she hasn’t found in 18 years.

Kat feels a flash, contemplating whether this may be the moment when the past subsides and another world opens depend on her. However, when she connects with the man in the profile, her stirred-up trust rapidly obscures into doubt and afterward dread as an unspeakable conspiracy becomes exposed, in which beasts go after the most dangerous.

As the body count mounts and Kat’s potential for a second chance with Jeff grows increases, she is consumed by an inspection that challenges her feeling about everyone she ever loved — her previous life partner, her mom, and her dad, whose awful murder such a long time ago has never been completely clarified. With lives on the line, including her own, Kat should wander further into the darkness than she ever has before, and find that she has the unity to survive what she finds there.
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16. Don’t Let Go

Rural New Jersey Detective Napoleon “Rest” Dumas hasn’t been something similar since senior year of secondary school when his twin sibling Leo and Leo’s girlfriend Diana were found dead on the rail tracks — and Maura, the girl Nap thought about his first love, broke up with him and vanished without clarification. For 15 years, Nap has been looking, both for Maura and for the genuine purpose of his sibling’s death. And now, it looks like he may at last find what he’s been searching for.

When Maura’s fingerprints turn up in the leased vehicle of a suspected killer, Nap leaves on a journey for answers that main prompts to inquiries — about the lady he loved, about the lifelong friends he assumed he knew, about the unwanted army installation close where he grew up, and generally about Leo and Diana — whose death is darker and undeniably more evil than Nap at any point.
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At the point when you read a verifiable book, you also consume a enormous measure of data regarding the matter you’re learning about. Similarly, at whatever point you read a novel, you need to recall lots of data about the story’s plot and subplots, the characters and their connections, and the climate where the story happens. That is a great deal of data! All of this new data makes new recollections. What’s more, every new memory makes synapses or fortifies old ones.

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