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Top 15 Apps For Free Online Book Reading

Top 15 Apps For Free Online Book Reading

Reading is among the most effective ways of remaining calm during free time. Did you get through all of your books on your bookshelf at home? Do not worry; we’ve made a list of the best free reading apps to read all your favorite ebooks anytime.

Reading apps transform phones or tablets into ebook devices for reading, and these apps can be easily accessed anywhere. A wide range of ebook applications is available on Android and iOS devices. These apps can configure your reading preferences according to your preference.

Today’s applications will support nearly all reading formats, including PDF, EPUB, Mobi, etc. You can now enjoy your favorite novel, comics, classic periodicals, texts and journals from the convenience of your own home. These apps are as follows:

1. Kindle

Kindle is among the most downloaded reading apps available for no cost, created by Amazon to allow users to download books, articles, and other fascinating content.

The app for reading has an inbuilt dictionary and a highlighted text option to ensure the best reading experience. The Kindle ebook application is directly connected to the Kindle store, where you can download ebooks to read and share.

It’s a great reading choice because it is accessible on all mobile platforms.

2. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is an app that allows you to purchase and download audiobooks and ebooks on Google Play, offering a large selection of titles. You can also purchase audiobooks and ebooks without subscription or subscription fees. Download free samples before purchasing; receive email or other notifications regarding new releases from your favorite authors, and even make Google Play Points with every purchase. They can be exchanged for Google Play credit. Google Play Books is available on both platforms of Mobile and PC. Google Play Books app is accessible on both Android as well as iOS.

3. Nook

Nook is among the best reading apps available and is designed for Android and iPhone. Thanks to cloud sync with other devices connected to that same network, that is extremely simple.

You can download news articles, newspaper books and other information from this app for free ebooks available to download for Android and iOS. People find this reading application easy for small screens, with various customization tools like zooming, font change and easy search.


Wattpad is now a kind of community, with members encouraging each other’s work and expressing appreciation and criticism. It is possible to get massive publicity for your work while users can access an abundance of books at no cost. Offline access is also available. It is possible to sync reading progress across different devices and return from the left-off point.

5. iMore

Convert your mobile or tablet to an ebook reader by using the reading app iMore. Scrolling view, auto-hyphenation margins that advance and full justification are some of the most notable features of this reading application. It also lets you sort, hide, or unhide books, make new shelves, and sync your library of books to Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The iMore ebooks app on iOS was previously known as the iBooks app.


If you’re looking for an app that will allow you to join your circle of friends and receive useful suggestions, recommendations and much more, this is the app you should be looking out for.

Kobo has its store online, where users can access numerous books, both for free and premium. One of the greatest advantages of this application is the variety of file formats it supports, such as CBR, CBZ, and PDF. It lets your social network friend’s sites share and like your reading experience.


The app is compatible with all the major formats for files like EPub, RTF, HTML, Doc, plain text Mobi, fb2 and other formats. It can be used with true eternal type and open type fonts, and utilize the inbuilt browser to download different books you like.

You can also download books to the memory card of your external storage device and vice versa. This application gives you control over how you wish to experience the text. You can alter the background and font size colors and switch between vertical and horizontal displays. You can also choose to enable automatic scrolling of text too.

8. Cloud shelf Reader

Cloud shelf Reader, a free reading application, allows you to access digital books and publications in the format of EPUB reading. Fixed layout, auto-paginated text audio/video content, and virtual reality content are among the main features of this popular but free reading application.

You can also use the rich features of the SDK by adjusting the reading settings to your preferences, including bookmarking and highlighting and search highlights. Its feature made it one of the best apps for reading books online.

9. Aldiko

Download the Aldiko reading application for free access to books straight into your phone library. This app contains ebooks that will enhance the reading experience by adjusting the size of your margin, fonts, brightness, and page-turning.

Users can also utilize the built-in features of this application to track whether they have read enough, create bookmarks, change the size of the screen display, and manage their library using tags/collections. This app provides many reading features that make it one of the best applications for ebook-free reading.

10. Blinkist

Blinkist is a zero-cost reading application primarily used to download non-fiction books. The name of this reading application derives from one of the fascinating attributes the platform has to offer. Blinkist gives key insights on each page of an ebook and is known as “blink here,” hence the name Blinkist.

Download one from the hundreds of ebooks and store them for later reading offline. You can also utilize an Evernote choice to draw a highlight on the text and hear audio versions.

11. Marvin Classic

Marvin Classic is the free reading app available for iPhones. You can browse books that are not only for you but also for your kids.

This reading application supports an extensive backup and offers features like speed reading and comic book support. Auto-act and text-to-speech. This ebook application for free on iPhone includes cloud location sync with embedded fonts, a reading timer, and high-quality rendering.

12. Serial Box

Download this free e-reader application to use it with the Facebook login. Serial Box reading application is compatible across various devices and features an auto-sync option that connects the library on the internet and any new downloads.

You just don’t need to read the text, but you can also browse through audio text files. It’s important to remember that audio downloads can be repeated. This means you don’t have to be concerned about losing your data.

13. Oodles

If you’re looking for an app to read eBooks at zero cost and where you can get thousands of books available to download, the Oodles reading app is the answer; you can discover a comprehensive classic selection at zero cost. Oodles can be used in many languages, and the search filter feature is its distinctive feature.

You may use different categories like author popularity or publisher to download the latest interesting reading as a reader. The interface is easy to use and takes away thee stress of going through various options.

14. Libby

This app is available on Android and iOS, and the Libby app is a cost-free application that allows you to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the library in your area. All you require is an account with a library to take books. It lets you change the text’s size, lighting and design of the book, Add bookmarks, highlight pages that you like and search for particular text. All of your loan notes, bookmarks and reading progress are synced across our devices with Libby. You can download books offline for reading or stream them to save space using the Libby application.

15. Media365

Media365 is among the most popular book reading apps you can download from the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store. The app offers a customized and enjoyable reading experience for users who use it to read their favorite books for free on their tablets and smartphones. This app includes books from different genres. You can also browse through books in 17 languages across the world.

In the Media365 App, you can not only browse books but also share work you’ve written through the app, too.


So we listed some best apps where you can read and download books for free. These all apps are among the top eBooks for free apps that could be the cause of joy for readers. And books presented on these apps can help their readers to enjoy their leisure time. You can download any one or more of them to enjoy your reading. Hope this article gives you some ideas about free online book reading.

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