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Top 10 Best Chinese mythology books


China is the fourth biggest country in the world and It’s full of wonderful mythology and right historical stories. Mythology stays one of the best sources of suggestion for myth literature, and literature in general, today. There is a genuine beauty to the myths, and we in reality can’t even start to express how impressive some of those stories are. Here is a listing of the Best Chinese Mythology Books.

1. Chinese Mythology by Matt Clayton

Chinese mythology has all of these matters and more, providing a wealthy tapestry of the doings of human characters who sometimes win the princess and super wealth, or are the motive in their personal downfall, or control to obtain immortality—whether thru their very own efforts or by accident—or discover themselves having to address divine beings past their enjoy and comprehension. However, even the divine beings who populate those stories may be fallible, moving into a problem or maybe causing it, after which having to extract themselves and deal with the aftermath.

Some Chinese myths are the creatures of folks tradition, related to the religions of Taoism and Buddhism—each of that are crucial to Chinese records and culture—or political myths geared toward bolstering a dynasty’s declare to strength. But whatever the origin of these tales, they stay fascinating stories with the strength to enchant us centuries—or maybe millennia—once they were first told.
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2. The Tiger’s Apprentice by Laurence Yep

This is the story of a younger boy, Tom Lee, who unearths himself by turning into a father or mother of a phoenix egg and an apprentice of a talking tiger. This tiger is Mr. Hu, Lee’s mentor and a person from the Chinese zodiac. Other such characters from the zodiac, including the monkey and the dragon, also discover an area here.

Twelve-year-antique Tom Lee, who lives with his grandmother, arrives domestic in the future to discover an antique guy with hairy ears opening his door for him. The guy seems to be a tiger, Tom’s grandmother seems to be an effective magician guarding a world-changing item, and Tom himself seems to endure a surprising burden of responsibility. Thrust fast right into a skirmish, Tom slightly has time to invite what’s occurring earlier than he and the tiger are escaping onto the roof with the mystical item whilst his grandmother stays inner to fight monsters.

Her death is shocking but allows Tom to begin to understand how important the item ought to be. A phoenix egg disguised as a cheap coral rose; the item holds the power—in the incorrect hands—to flood the sector with chaos and destruction. Mr. Hu, the tiger, has now turned out to be its Guardian, and Tom his apprentice.
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3. Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon

When Ai Ling’s father is going missing, she makes a decision to move to look for him, strolling away from an unwanted marriage whilst she’s at it. As she trips on, she discovers an abnormal new power, befriends the good-looking Chen Yong, meets many supernatural creatures and larger-than-life beings, and is derived face-to-face with the ghosts of her past life.

The principal character, Ai Ling, is bold and determined. She is inclined to take danger for the matters she cares about, although its approaches flout misogynistic social norms and face demons. She is located in a few quite terrifying situations, and whilst she’s not absolutely fearless, she manages to conquer the concern to do what’s important and make development in her journey. She saves herself, and she or he saves others, making her a heroine worth cheering on.

The first book concludes with free ends. The 2nd book selections up rapidly after where the primary book ends, bringing new conflicts and new characters as Ai Ling and Chen Yong journey to Jiang Dao to discover Chen Yong’s start family.
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4. The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang

A brilliantly innovative skill makes her thrilling debut with this epic historical army fantasy, inspired by the bloody history of China’s 20th century and packed with treachery and magic. When Rin aced the Keju—the Empire-huge take a look at to locate the most gifted children to study in the Academies—it changed into a surprise to everyone: to the take, a look at officials, who couldn’t agree with a struggle are orphans from Rooster Province could pass without cheating; to Rin’s guardians, who believed they’d, in the end, be capable of marrying her off and further their crook enterprise; and to Rin herself, who found out she changed into at the end free of the servitude and depression that had made up her each day existence. That she was given into Sinegard—the most elite army faculty in Nikan—changed into even extra surprising.

But surprises aren’t constantly good. Because being a dark-skinned peasant woman from the south isn’t always a smooth element at Sinegard. Targeted from the outset by rival classmates for her color, poverty, and gender, Rin discovers she possesses a lethal, unearthly power—a flair for the nearly-legendary artwork of shamanism. Exploring the depths of her present with the help of a seemingly insane instructor and psychoactive substances, Rin learns that gods lengthy notion of death is very a good deal alive—and that mastering control over one’s powers ought to imply extra than simply surviving faculty.
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5. White Tiger by Kylie Chan

White Tiger is the first in the Dark Heavens trilogy, which turned into first posted by Orbit in Australia, and is now being reissued thru Angry Robot, the brand new SF, F, and WTF imprint of HarperCollins UK*. ‘Angry Robot turned into type sufficient to ship me an ARC of the book to evaluate, and given the character of this blog, a evaluate is precisely what you’ll get, even though today with bonus ramble!

White Tiger is the first book in Chan’s breathtaking trilogy that ingeniously blends magic, martial arts, and concrete myth with a healthy dollop of paranormal romance thrown in to sweeten the pot. Fans of Hong Kong kung fu films and the novels of Lilith Saintcrow, Liz Williams, Karen Chance, Devon Monk, and Ilona Andrews will turn over White Tiger, Kylie Chan’s great non-prevent martial arts supernatural journey love story.

The cover, which contains a few dodgy Photoshop burn-and-fade, a tiger tattoo design, and a strangely made-up female sporting an Ed Hardy tattoo shirt, isn’t a specifically nicely prepared piece of work and I’ve cringed at my truthful proportion of city myth novels in my nearby bookshop. However, the reason that the opposite in the trilogy was published on the Angry Robot website, and exhibited similarly styled covers, possibly I turned into misled.
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6. The Crystal Ribbon by Celeste Lim

A book that’s greater at the grim side, it follows Li Jing’s struggles with poverty and her successive income to an ill-treating family as a wife after which into even worse conditions. With the help of several mythical characters which include a magic spider, nightingale, and the local deity Huli Jing, she returns to Huanan (her hometown) and discovers herself in the process.

Though 12-year-old Li Jing’s call is a unique character completely from the Huli Jing, the sound is near sufficient to offer consistent teasing-but perhaps is also a supply of extra future and power. Jing’s existence is not easy. Her father is a terrible tea farmer, and her family has come to the belief that in order for anybody to survive, Jing must be sacrificed for the common good. She is offered as a bride to Koh’s family, wherein she could be the spouse and nursemaid to their three-year-vintage son, Ju’nan.

It’s now no longer fair, and Jing feels this bitterly, mainly whilst she is handled poorly by the Kohs, and sold over again right into a worse state of affairs that leads Jing to consider her handiest alternative is to run away and locate domestic again. With the help of a spider who weaves Jing a method to escape, and a nightingale who enables her to locate her way, Jing embarks on a quest to return to Huanan–and to herself. This book is superbly written and mingles folklore with records rendering a first-rate and precise sense to it. It might not have conventional fantasy plot points, but it’s a book so as to blow your mind.
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7. Where The Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

This is a middle-grade fable novel following Minli who lives in the Valley of the Fruitless Mountain, tending to her garden throughout the day and listening to her father’s stories at night. These are excellent and mythological stories about the Jade Dragon and the Old Man of the Moon. She quickly units out on a quest to discover those mythical beings, encountering eccentric mythological characters along the way.

In the valley of Fruitless mountain, a younger female named Minli lives in a ramshackle hut together with her parents. In the evenings, her father regales her with old folktales of the Jade Dragon and the Old Man at the Moon, who is aware of the solutions to all of life’s questions. Inspired through those tales, Minli units off on a fantastic adventure to find the Old Man at the Moon to invite him about how she can change her family’s fortune. She encounters a diverse cast of characters and magical creatures along the way, consisting of a dragon who accompanies her on her quest for the final answer. Grace Lin, creator of the loved Year of the Dog and Year of the Rat returns with a wondrous tale of adventure, faith, and friendship. Her stunning illustrations, published in full color, accompany the text throughout. Once again, she has created a charming, engaging book for younger readers.
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8. The Magnolia Sword by Sherry Host

This book is the story of Mulan’s quest to redeem her father’s honor by preventing a duel in order to unite heirloom swords (which paralyzed her father). This book attracts closely from the Wuxan martial arts dramas as well as the antique ballad of Mulan.

**A Warrior in Disguise**
All her existence, Mulan has been educated for one purpose: to win the duel that each era in her family must fight. If she prevails, she can reunite a couple of valuable heirloom swords separated many years earlier, and avenge her father, who became paralyzed in his very own duel.

**A War for a Dynasty**
Thanks to her martial arts skills, Mulan is selected for an elite group under the command of the princeling–the royal duke’s son, who’s also the most handsome guy she’s ever seen. But the princeling has secrets of his very own, which explode into Mulan’s existence and shake up the entirety she knows.

Inspired by wuxia martial-arts dramas as well as the centuries-old ballad of Mulan, The Magnolia Sword is best for lovers of Renee Ahdieh, Marie Lu, or Kristin Cashore-a thrilling, romantic, and sharp-edged novel that lives as much as its loved heroine.
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9. Burning Roses by S. L. Huang

In this Little Red Riding Hood retelling, Rosa lives beyond the wolf assault that takes her grandma’s lifestyle. And so she grows as much as detest speaking animals – the grundwirgen and devotes her life to ridding the arena of them. But that is simply the background – the actual tale starts after the entry of Hou Yi – a famous person from Chinese folklore. Together, Rosa and Hou Yi hunt the lethal sunbirds who threaten to spoil the kingdom, with lots of twists and turns.

Rosa’s lifestyle has been constructed upon prejudice towards the Grundwirgen, people who magically remodel themselves into animals. This prejudice’s complexity displays the messy net of bigotry that readers come across in their everyday lives. It becomes first kindled in her by her mother’s ideals and later perpetuated as Rosa grew right into a hunter of Grundwirgen, the usage of her grandmother’s rifle with a purpose to avenge her death at the hands of a Grundwirgen wolf. He killed her senselessly, no matter Rosa’s kindness. It isn’t any shock, then, that Rosa has become a hunter.
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10. The Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao

The Dragon Warrior, written by Katie Zhao, follows Faryn Liu, a 12-year-old lady who desires to honor her own circle of relatives and the gods via way of means of turning into a warrior. However, in view that their father disappeared, Faryn and her brother were dismissed via way of means of the Jade Society, which has made Faryn’s dream a close to not possible feat. Yet while she is stuck withinside the center of a conflict, it’s miles revealed that Faryn is the Heaven Breaker, a being who can command a navy of effective dragons.

She has till the Lunar New Year to show her worth, but she will quickly learn that the position she has determined herself in calls for an excellent deal greater sacrifice than she had first expected. As a member of the Jade Society, twelve-year-antique Faryn Liu’s goal of honor her family and the gods by becoming a warrior. But the Society has shunned Faryn and her brother Alex ever in view that their father disappeared years ago, forcing them to educate themselves in secret.

Then, during an errand into San Francisco, Faryn stumbles right into a battle with a demon–and allows defeat it. She just might be the fabled Heaven Breaker, an effective warrior supposed to paintings for the all-amazing deity, the Jade Emperor, by commanding an army of dragons to defeat the demons. That is if she will show her worth and locate the island of the immortals earlier than the Lunar New Year. This book is middle-grade fantasy, so it is supposed to appeal to a younger audience; however, that shouldn’t forestall you from checking it out if you’re interested!
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Chinese mythology is a collection of cultural history, folktales, and spiritual culture that has been passed down for centuries in oral or written form. There are several aspects to Chinese mythology, such as creation myths and legends, and myths regarding the founding of the Chinese tradition and the Chinese state. Chinese mythology generally concerns ethical problems and informs people about their traditions and values. Like many mythologies, a few people believe it to be at least in component an authentic recording of history.

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