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The Diary Of Anne Frank

The Diary Of Anne Frank


An adolescent girl’s notebook that starts on Anne’s 13th birthday when she receives a diary is the subject of the book The Diary of a Young Girl. It narrates the tale of her family, who reside in Frankfurt, Germany, and who are abruptly forced into exile due to how the Nazi Party and Hitler treated Jews in Europe during the World War II. They manage to flee to Amsterdam, where they hide out with other Jews. The diary abruptly ends on August 1st, 1944.
The most significant point in this book—among many others, of course—is that everyone has the right to live free. The lesson from Anne’s story is that individuals shouldn’t be given special treatment just because they practice a different faith or are a different race. This was demonstrated by the atrocious treatment of Jews during the conflict. Her diary reveals aspects that people nowadays don’t consider, such as how those who were hiding daily worried about being discovered and subjected to punishment.

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