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written by Ted Dekker

I’m a big Ted Dekker fan, and I’ve read nearly everything he’s written. Some have been downright amazing books and some have been good…but I’ve enjoyed every one so far. I would rate this one as “just good”. I still think its worth the listen, but for me it was missing that special magic that would raise it to the status of his great reads.

The overall plot is rather standard fare for the serial killer genre. Someone is killing women and displaying the bodies in unique ways…**leaving signs for investigators. At the end of the day, he’s making a statement…and waiting for somebody who can interpret them. FBI specialist Brad Raines and his group are working on this issue. Up to this point, it very well may be a typical TV show.** However, Dekker throws in some very interesting wrinkles…one of which is a narrative about the nature of beauty and value, and the other has to do with the nature of mental illness. All serial killers, by nature, suffer from some degree of mental illness…**but, in this situation, a portion of those battling psychological sickness are likewise taken part in attempting to open the riddle of the killings too**. Not twisted guys like Hannibal Lecter, but good folks…who happen to be both brilliant and affected.

Fortunately, Hachete Audio was able to get the gifted character actor John Glover to handle the narration. Glover (who often plays brilliantly crazed bad guys and is probably best known as Lionel Luthor in Smallville) **deftly handles the straight reader as well as brings a lot of life and even humor with his picture of a part of the characters, keeping the book moving right along**. I had never heard any of his audio book work before, but it seems that he has done about a dozen others, including some by Stephen King and James Patterson.

As I said, it’s a solid read, and I would still gladly listen again…**be that as it may, I tracked down it a piece excessively longwinded in a portion of the segments of thoughts on the idea of greatness, where it appeared to delay and lose focus…and the closure appeared to be excessively light and glad for me (the musical selection at the end didn’t help in this regard, either).

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