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Return to Audubon Springs


When Emma Grant returns to her family’s Audubon Springs beach house to fulfill the stipulations of her father’s will, she has every the intention of forcing her former lover out of the house for good. She’s never fit into her wealthy family and would prefer avoiding her past, but with her brother threatening to reveal her young daughter, she has no choice.

Rafe Iuliano has other plans. The wealthy Grants tried to bribe him out of Emma’s life years ago, but he’s determined to prove once and for all that a master carpenter is worthy of Emma and the house.

Their ridiculous and steamy battle for the house reignites the love and passion that bloomed between them years ago. But when Rafe discovers  she’s kept their daughter a secret for two years, can he overcome anger  and pride to claim his family and the love of his life, or will the Does deception drive a final wedge between them?

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Emma would have looked adorable in the simple snug tank top and Bermuda shorts if it weren’t for the look of utter horror on her face.“Have you lost your mind?” she screamed.“Yes!” He turned off the saw, threw it on the ground, whipped off his protective goggles, and tossed them as well. “Why do you ask?“You cut a massive hole in the back door!“This here is an example of our differences. You see a hole. I see a home improvement project. **This is no standard square opening in an entryway, this is a doggie entryway.” He pushed on the enormous piece of cut wood until it fell and arrived on** the pantry floor inside with a loud clap. “It’s about three times the size of a doggie door,” she stated flatly. “Yeah, but I’m the dog. So Princess, what do you think?” “I think you are insane.” “I AM insane! You have MADE me insane! You threw all my stuff out front. You used my underwear for rags!” “I couldn’t find anything else.” “There is a basket full of rags in there.” “None of them fit the occasion,” she said with a straight face. “I must have lost my mind because that almost makes sense.” He gestured to the door. “Women first.” **When she started unmovingly, he moved through the cut door and opened it.** Just for the record, a caveman would have made you climb through.” “Just for the record, I only changed the locks on the front door.”
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