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Read by George Guidall

This is my second Vince Flynn book…and I must say, I think I liked it even better than the first. It’s possible that part of this is because its a sequel to my previous listen and now I know some of the characters better. But somehow this one was much easier to follow allow in my imagination, and I found it really hard to turn it off for any extended period of time.

Mitch Rapp is a hard-bitten CIA operative. He tortures and kills people and breaks things. Think…a more articulate, more thoughtful version of Jack Bauer. There was an attack on Washington in the previous book that killed a couple hundred people, including some highly-visible politicians. And attitudes are now shifting in Washington about whether or not “the dirty work” of counter terrorism should be tolerated, or even endorse. Nothing like a battle hitting close to home to change the debate.

**This story follows the quest for the three enduring individuals from the fear-based oppressor cell that pulled off the assault. It runs most of the way the nation over and includes a great deal of spying, worldwide fascinate…even double-crossing American residents. Most certainly one I would have rather not put down.**

Yes, my favorite audio book reader (George Guidall) read it. He’s the best I’ve ever heard…and one of the most experienced…I saw recently that he’s done 850 audio books now…and I’ve discovered that there are others like me who buy audio books just because Guidall is the narrator. I know there are plenty of others that are good. But from his straight read to his character voices…he’s the guy I’d rather have read me a story than anyone else I’ve heard to-date. If you’ve never heard him, you might want to invest a few bucks and try him out…or at least visit and listen to some samples of books he’s read!

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1. Steve from driving jobs

I have heard some Audio books narrated by George Guidall and he is far more better than many others for sure. Nice to know you like him too.
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