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Book review Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts

What is the book Perennial Seller about?

What is the aspiration of creative people, to whom belong, musicians, composers, artists, many entrepreneurs – all who are involved in doing something? Is it only the self-expression and temporal attention of the audience? The reasons that involve ambitious people to get down to business chosen, can be different. Nevertheless, the absolute majority would like their works not to be dependent on fashion, but to be of constant appreciation, and the interest of people to be equally high through the centuries.

The eagerness to create something time-honoured is close to many people of different spheres of life – the film industry, writing, business, music. «Perennial Seller», according to the author, is the product, which finds its customers, no matter how it was appreciated initially. And the number of these customers is supposed to be increasing. These are the masterpieces, that we turn to again and again, that we recommend to our close people without their reference to the trend. Their value is not lost by the time passing.

The author illustrates his idea by the film «The Shawshank Redemption» which is on the top list of the best films of all the times and peoples. It is interesting to know that at the beginning the film had not shown great gatherings in the cinemas and the budget spent on its production, was hardly recovered. But with the years the film earned tens of million dollars for its producers, it is shown regularly on TV, and t still gives very decent income even to the actors with minor roles.

The book “48 laws of Power”, which made its author Robert Greene extremely famous, was not put on the list of best-sellers for 10 years since its publishing. But now the book has been translated into many languages and can boast of millions of circulations.

The company, which sells plates and other accessories for drum sets, “Zildjian”, was founded in 1623 in Constantinople. A great number of modern musicians use its production, including rock stars.

Another company-centenarian called “Fiskars” is the Finnish producer of cutlery. It was founded in 1649. Established as an ironworks in a small Finnish village, Fiskars has grown to be a leading consumer goods company with globally recognized brands including Fiskars, Iittala, Gerber, Wedgwood, and Waterford.

Every industry contains its own example of a non-fading seller. Another interesting observation, according to the Lindi effect, popularized by the famous investor, thinker, and writer Nassim Taleb: «If something has a long history of existence; it is likely to continue its existence longer. The book, which was read 100 years ago, probably will be read during the following 100 years. But the recent best-seller will have fewer chances to be read in a century.

The creation of non-fading, business or product is a hard job. A creative person has not only realized his potential and grow professionally but to be involved in many things which he dislikes and sometimes, even hates – to promote his works, to develop his business, to sell. In other words, to create some valuable means not only to work hard but often to be full of «blood, sweat, and tears.

In his new book, Ryan Holiday asks questions actual for businessmen and creative people – how to make something that will be successful during decades or even centuries? He offers to follow the strategies which made the works immortal and their authors – famous for centuries. And what is surprising is that these creative works are not only forgotten for a long time, but becoming stronger and stronger every day.

The author subdivides the process of creating such products into four stages:

  • How to make something that will stand the test of time.
  • How to improve, position and pack idea into a persuasive offer which will stand the test of time.
  • How to possess and develop marketing channels that will stand the test of time.
  • How to attract an audience and build up the platform which will stand the test of time.

Summary and ideas of Perennial Seller

  1. First of all, you need the right mood.
  2. Get ready to a long way.
  3. You must realize clearly who you are creating for, what are you creating and why it exists.
  4. The best strategy is not to hope for the better, luck or good graces of door-keepers of a different kind. You should take control of your fortune.
  5. For a description of the essence of your project, you should apply a certain formula: one sentence – one paragraph – one page.
  6. You need the right positioning, ability to pack your idea and to present it in an appropriate way.
  7. Marketing – is your work.
  8. The basic force of marketing is a rumour.
  9. Traditional RP is overestimated.
  10. Every author of the time-honoured work needs his own platform.

Review Perennial Seller

Ryan Holiday has written a wise book with a lot of interesting examples – both historical and modern, as well as ideas confirmed by his extensive experience. Having run successful marketing campaigns, the ideas resulted in a unique long-lasting term for artists, musicians, businessmen. In the author’s opinion, for those who want to present to the world something essential and valuable, work can be only a life-lasting process.

The working process cannot be stopped with the completion of one project. And this is the main difference of all the other advice of reaching success. “Perennial Seller” really stands out for focusing on long-term success. It is not for sprint-runners, but marathon ones.

The best thing you can do for the marketing of your book is to start a new one. The author advises achieving new groups of admirers and not to be afraid of creating something out of mind.

Probably, for those who divide the notions of creativity and business, many of the author’s ideas can be embarrassing. But he is sure that every creator must be a businessman at the same time. All creative people write books, make painting and produce albums not only for themselves. They are ruled by ambition to give something new to the world, to enrich it and to affect the lives of others. And the more people know about them, the more influence they will have.

Pros and Cons:

Valuable ideas; interesting examples; structuredness

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Periodically repetition of ideas.
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