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Book Recommend:Organize Tomorrow Today: 8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life

What is the book Organize Tomorrow Today about?

Jason Selk coached the athletes of the baseball team “Cardinals”, making real champions out of a promising team. He also helped many professional athletes, assisting them in reach the pinnacle of their performance. Business coach Tom Bartow once himself was an athlete and coached a university basketball team. Combining their experience, the authors talk about how to achieve excellence not only in sports but also in everyday life.

When we see a bright and impressive example of someone’s success, we tend to attribute it to extraordinary abilities or a random chance. But the authors think otherwise. Everyone can achieve his goal, no matter how incredible it might seem at first glance. You just need to focus on it. And it’s not so simple and obvious, as it might seem at first glance.

Modern life forces us to solve many problems, and the ability to address all of them at once through multitasking is highly approved and encouraged. The authors think it’s a mistake. The human brain can solve no more than three tasks at a time. If multitasking is imposed, it loses productivity and begins to fail.

The flow of information, processed by our brains, is continuously increasing, but it doesn’t mean that we have to do everything at the same time. We must act systematically, step-by-step, solving less than two problems at once, while not losing our sense of priorities. Less essential tasks can be postponed for the next day. This approach gives the brain the rest and the ability to concentrate on working with higher efficiency.

According to the authors, in professional sports, everything depends not so much on physical preparation (all high-level athletes have it by default), but on the ability to use your head. It’s this what the loss and the win depend on, as demonstrated by the success of the Cardinals, trained by Jason Selk. Adopting his ideas for utilizing the mind for their advantage, the Cardinals went from losing NBL matches to achieving the international level. They won three NBL tournaments and two world championships, and the authors are sure that this success they owe to Jason Selk’s mental training technique.

How was this technique born? Working with the Cardinals, Jason noted that the athletes and coaches were obsessed with the idea of continually improving their performance, and were looking for ways to achieve it. And then Jason came up with an effective program – the ability to organize tomorrow, using the opportunities and features of the mind.

Tom Bartow helped many business people and investors cope with the financial crisis of 2008. He had already read Selk’s first book on how to properly organize a proper sports strategy and tactics. Then, Tom found out that those ideas fit well with the business strategy, and strongly recommended it to his listeners. Eventually, Selk and Bartow became like-minded friends. They noticed that successful people in business, as well as successful athletes, differ not so much in their unique abilities as in their ability to think and act in a certain way. Together they created the program “Organize Tomorrow Today”, which helps to master this way of thinking and is suitable for a variety of people. This program includes eight fundamentals accessible to everyone. These were used by Olympic champions and successful business people, and any of the readers can use them for their own needs.

Summary and 10 Ideas of Organize Tomorrow Today

  1. We are not able to think about several things at once.
  2. You cannot change things too much too soon.
  3. Plan your tomorrow ahead of time.
  4. You have to choose wisely.
  5. Make the best of whatever time you have.
  6. Learn to fight and win, even if challenging yourself.
  7. Evaluate your goals and actions objectively.
  8. Learn how to talk to yourself.
  9. Learn how to communicate with others.
  10. Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box.

Review Organize Tomorrow Today

In some places, this book may seem a bit slow, but in general, it’s useful and creates the right mood for moving forward. The recommendations given are simple and understandable, and this simplicity may surprise at first – is it that simple? It’s much more difficult to implement them in practice, gradually and methodically improving yourself.

Be your own trainer. Learn the art of negotiating with your subconscious. Master the possibilities not only of your body but also of your brain. Repeat the basics: what you started your training with, and then improve further. Achieve small daily victories and win everyday battles, even with yourself. Your success won’t take long.

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Pros and Cons:

  • Useful tips and valuable ideas; The author’s hands-on experience; An organized structure.
  • The recurring repetition of ideas.

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