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Mother Teresa: An Authorized Biography by Kathryn Spink.

The lovely aspect about Mother Teresa is she wouldn’t care about the haters. She might just continue to graciously take care of the poorest of the poor. It’s the rest of us, the spiritually impoverished, who might suffer from her absence.

Yeah, I’ve been feeling quite suspicious lately. I should probably live away from Twitter and TV news for a week and notice if that improves my outlook. But reading this book made me consider our traditions and what kinds of celebrities we raise and what values we celebrate. Mother Teresa is the type of person we have to be elevated, and in her time that’s what happened. But could that occur now when so many people appear to select quick-step performers to people with a little decency and substance to their character? I’m not so sure. I’m suspicious.

Mother Teresa was born in August and the yr turned into 1910. She turned into raised in Albania and from an early age sensed a calling to serve the poor in India. She did, of course, visit India, initially joining the Loreto Sisters in 1928. But she had her ideas about the way to serve the negative, and so she shaped her order, the Missionaries of Charity, in 1950. Her vision turned into simple – she desired the order to stay some of the negative and the poor, offering them gentle love and care. She believed that through serving the poor she turned into also serving Christ.

So, about the book. I read this biography as a part of the 12 Months of Reading Goodness challenge. The options were rich – Lucille Ball, Lewis, and Clark (each born in August), Warren Buffett, and Louis Armstrong, to call only a few. But I’m so satisfied Mother Teresa ended up on the top of the list because reading about Mother Teresa was peace of the soul.

I would suggest this biography to everyone interested in learning more about Mother Teresa. But have your dictionary on hand because there is a lot of Catholic jargon. Also, be patient as you are making your way thru the first few chapters.

On the nice side, kudos to the writer for taking up an impressive task. Screwing up a biography of Mother Teresa could probable be career suicide for an author and she or he did simply fine. Mother Teresa didn’t like retaining data of her private existence, so the writer ought to have needed to do a ton of studies to fill in the gaps. And the book does appear to be nicely researched, as it’s far full of information and anecdotes. I also admire the reality that the writer confirmed a lot of respect for her challenge matter. She didn’t attempt to dig up any “gotchas.” It became only an honest story about an admirable servant of God.

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This became an OK book about a notable person. The writing at times was a bit awkward, tending closer to long sentences that I sometimes had to re-read so that I can understand. The first few chapters were a bit difficult to get thru, but then the writer located her rhythm and the rest of the book became fine. The book became organized usually by major ideas about Mother Teresa’s life as opposed to strict chronology. So every chapter probably covered several decades and on occasion same many years. I was given used to it and it wasn’t a horrible manner to arrange a biography, but I needed to preserve on my toes about what yr it became and the way old Mother Teresa became during positive events.
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