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Book Review: Meet the Interstellar Project


Posted on Feb 17, 2017, by summers

Interstellar travel has been in the popular imagination since antiquity. Currently, with science fiction films on the rise, this discussion is becoming more natural every day.

For some scientists this discussion is not only natural but a reality in the near future. For Stephen Hawking, the technological advances of the last two decades will allow interstellar travel within a generation.
Hawking supports a project that plans to send a chip-sized spacecraft for this trip. The tiny ship would travel trillions of kilometers and go farther than any other ship so far.

the show is spearheaded by Yuri Milner, an egocentric millionaire, and none other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

Hawking goes on to say that to the surprise of most people, these trips may be closer than you think. The scientist adds that it is essential for the survival of humanity to find a planet similar to Earth.

This foundation that Hawking is supporting, Mr. Milner’s Breakthrough, relies only on private resources as governments rate it as too ambitious for government interests.

The group brought together scientists to investigate the project’s feasibility. The select group concluded that with more research and development it would be possible to send the spacecraft to another galaxy within 30 years. With current technology, this time is 30,000 years.

However, before undertaking the long-awaited trip, it will be necessary to develop micro cameras, instruments, and miniature sensors that fit on a microchip. In addition to designing a solar navigator strong enough to be a laser powered here on Earth.

This fact was reported to me by my personal trainer during our training session. We were training hard, it was leg and chest day, I was fatigued with the exercises when he told me this, I immediately started breathing again and we started arguing about it. Imagine if I like to talk about it, for those who train bodybuilding know that a quadriceps + pectoral routine is exhausting.

It sounds crazy, but many advances and inventions of man throughout history were considered crazy. In fact, it takes a madman, or rather a visionary, to think outside the box and bring new perspectives to humanity.

Despite this, I find the idea that the land is threatened and we need to find another place to live alarming. This will inevitably happen one day, it is part of the evolution of the universe, but humanity still has a lot to evolve on earth, many things to develop.

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But regardless, technology is always welcome and a discovery like this ends up acting throughout society and shaping behaviors and customs with the invention of new products that make our lives easier.

To the next.

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