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Book Review: How’s Your Food?


Something very few people think about is food.

We usually eat to satisfy our hunger, no matter what we are eating. Only when we become aware of how our body works and how it needs quality and not the number of nutrients we can get an idea of ​​how bad things are for the average population.
When I was about 15 years old and started bodybuilding when people talked about diet, no one was too concerned about the quality of micronutrients, only attention was paid to macros and in addition, more than half of the calories came from carbohydrates.

Today, I can say that this is absurd. When we talk about diet, what should come first is the quality of life, not just the aesthetic goal. When I learned that calories are not equal, there are empty calories, I got a different perspective on diets.

I never understood why I was “dying” after a meal, the sleep it gave me was not of this world. Today I know it’s due to the consumption of carbohydrates like rice and pasta, not just sugar.

I was reading an article titled Diabetic Food List and I watched a video from a doctor saying that many people who are developing diabetes but don’t know it are in the process of pre-diabetes. It’s insane.

With the increase in obesity, diseases like this become more frequent. The problem is that it is always associated with others, such as hypertension.

What happens is that people do not see at first how serious diabetes is, so they do not change their eating habits, and it is exactly this that could save this person and improve their quality of life, through proper nutrition. Some gorge themselves on strong medications like Forxiga and don’t do anything else to help with the treatment.

But the main factor I would like to share is the fact that a change in power can put you in a high-performance state (also known as a flow state).

Waking up willing, energized, focused, are things you get through eating, it’s not just that, of course, but it makes a tremendous difference.

And to think when I was researching this and asking for tips, people even recommended things like the HCG diet where you take a diabetic drug.

Today, I no longer sleep after lunch and I wake up with a lot more energy, I recommend this practice, in this case, I cut the carbohydrates, reducing it a lot, however, each body behaves in a way, you have to test it.

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