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Gone With the Wind: Margaret Mitchell


Margaret Mitchell is an American author best known for her infamous and contentious book Gone With the Wind. She immerses us in the lives and situations of vivid characters both before and after the Civil War. As the Civil War draws near, the narrative opens on the Georgia cotton plantation Tara owned by the O’Hara family. The husband of Scarlett O’Hara passes away while fighting for the Confederacy.
Scarlett’s sister-in-law, Melanie, persuades her to mourn her deceased husband in Pittypat’s Atlanta house. Scarlett is stranded in Atlanta as a result of the entrance of Union forces, where she meets Rhett Butler. Scarlett persuades Rhett to save them by robbing a carriage and horse that would transport her and her infant back to Tara as Sherman’s force burns down Atlanta.
Although several nearby estates have been utterly wrecked by the war, Tara has also suffered its effects, leaving Scarlett ill-equipped to cover the additional taxes that the Union forces’ victory has forced upon the plantation. Rhett is still attracted to Scarlett upon her return to Atlanta, but he is unable to support her financial needs. Scarlett manipulates Frank Kennedy, the fiancĂ© of her sister, into marrying her instead since she needs money badly. In a violent area of Atlanta, Scarlett is harassed. Ashley and Frank try to exact revenge on her, but Frank is killed in the process, necessitating Rhett’s quick action to rescue the day.
Scarlett marries Rhett after becoming a second widow, but she remains in love with Ashley. The couple had a daughter. After the loss of their daughter, she understands that she really loves Rhett and not Ashley. But at that time, it’s already too late. Her love has been lost to Rhett.

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