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Book Review: Drawing Has Never Been So Easy

One of the things that virtually everyone has ventured into in life is drawing.

Whether at preschool or at home to pass the time, most people have already drawn something in their lives. Most of them drew little houses, stick people, sun, and flowers, that standard design we all know.

It is true that some are born more easily than others, but this is not the determining factor. What determines the quality of the draftsman is the practice and without a direction to follow it is difficult to progress.

Here’s the importance of taking a course to learn how to draw well. Following a routine with specific steps and techniques is very important for the designer’s evolution.

Following a logical and gradual schedule makes the difference between developing and staying stagnant. And it’s no use, whatever the field, whoever wants to learn something or excel in some area has to practice.

People often forget, when they see a work by a famous artist, the hours of work, training, and learning that the artist had. Precisely for this reason, many artists say that gift is not everything.
Even Ivan, creator of the course, learns to draw from scratch, always says that. He has had several students who had a facility more than the average person or gift, whatever you want to call it, but they didn’t stand out because they were very accommodating.

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The acceptance of his course was excellent, those who took it loved it and recommended it. The content is top-notch and whoever dedicates himself will have all the tools at hand to become a great designer.

The course is completely online and divided into modules, after registering, you receive the password to access the members’ area and you can start studying.

Here is a video of Ivan in “speed paint” showing his skills.
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