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Divin justice audiobook


Read by Ron McLarty

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she was enjoying reading the new David Baldacci book, and because she hasn’t steered me wrong in the past, I decided to take the tip, and purchased the book from Audible later that day. And I’m glad I did.

Oliver Stone is a war hero, who went on to become an assassin for the U.S. Government. And as the book open, he’s just killed two highly-placed Americans to avenge the murders of some of his friends and family. Because the victims of his violence are high-profile, **he’s very much aware that the Feds will be hot following right after him, so he beats feet away. He never shows up at his expected objective, since conditions land him in the humble community of Divine. Joe Knox is a CIA specialist, shipped off track down Stone and deal with him.** But as he begins his investigation, he finds that all is not as it seems. The book offers a number of solid twists and turns, and introduces some very bad people and some pretty good ones. There’s a nice little love story running through it as well. Also, we’re filled in on Stone’s history…which is long and very complicated.

Baldacci is a terrific writer. This is the first thing I’ve read from him, but I’m quite sure it won’t be the last. I got enough of a taste for Stone’s background that I’d like to hear more.

Ron McLarty was a real treat. This is my first exposure to him, but he’s instantly entered the ranks of my Top 5 favorite readers. He’s got a wonderful voice…deep and slightly raspy…with very solid characterizations. He has a slightly odd take on just a few words…maybe a dozen throughout the book…but I couldn’t hear anything else at all for which I could offer a criticism. He’s very, very easy to listen to…even for the nearly 12 hours of this book. And I note that he’s read almost all of Baldacci’s stuff…so I’ll definitely have the pleasure of listening to him again soon.

If you like thrillers, consider this one recommended!

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3 : Responses to “Divine Justice

1. Jens
I love books and i love reading as well. More so, thrillers interests me a lot. Is this book available online?

2. David from
Thrillers can be great. Personally I love anything with submarines – probably the best location for any thriller.

3. Steve from
Thanks for the tip on Divine Justice. I have been turning to audio books more lately as it seems I am always in the car anyway. It is interesting how the reader of the book can add so much to it, but it really can. Keep up with the great book reviews.
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