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Death narrates The Book Thief


Death narrates The Book Thief, telling Liesel Meminger’s story.

On 1939, Liesel, her mother, and her brother Werner are travelling. Werner dies of starvation, cold, and lack of medical attention on the train. Liesel visits her brother’s grave before Molching. She takes a gravedigger’s manual.
Hans convinces Liesel to visit the Hubermanns on Himmel Street. Rosa doubts. Liesel is illiterate. She befriends Rudy Steiner.
After Liesel’s nightmare, Hans finds the book. He teaches her to read. Liesel’s mom ignores her messages. Mom vanished.

Liesel discovers Nazi Germany on Adolph Hitler’s birthday, April 20, 1940. She’s intrigued and unnerved by blazing literature. She loves reading and writing. Liesel sees the light when a Nazi cries to kill communists and Jews. Hitler probably killed her parents.
Hans confirms Liesel’s fears make Hitler her enemy. Hans warns against criticising Hitler. Because of this, Liesel takes The Shoulder Shrug.
Hans was saved by Erik Vandenburg in WWI. Hans visited Erik’s wife and son postwar. Hans helps Max when he’s in trouble. Hans and Rosa support the man. Liesel is cautious about Max, but they become friends. Rosa appreciates Max’s pain. Liesel’s strength and humanity inspire her. Heroic and scary, hiding a Jew during WWII. Paranoia prevails. Max hurt his family. Hubermanns’ friendship is difficult.
Liesel meets the mayor’s wife. Liesel borrowed Ilsa’s shoulder shrug. Rosa cleans. Ilsa welcomes Liesel to do laundry. Liesel grabs Ilsa’s books after she quits using Rosa.

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In October 1942, “the Jewish march” passed through Molching en route to Dachau. Hans is thrashed for feeding a Jew. Hans sends Max away because he fears a Nazi raid. Hans’ home is never inspected, so he self-punishes.
Hans is frightened by Liesel’s Gestapo sighting on Himmel Street. Athlete Rudy is targeted. Rudy studies Gestapo. Rudy’s dad is drafted. Hans gets recruited after feeding him bread.
Hans and Max leave Liesel. She aids Rosa, steals with Rudy, and reads amid bombings.
After Liesel’s 14th birthday in 1943, Rosa and Liesel see Hans return. His sergeant moved him to Munich after a bus accident. Liesel met Molching-Dahau in 1943. They’re together. Liesel discovers Himmel after five months. Nazis beat Liesel and Max. Rudy saves Liesel. Liesel abandons Ilsa’s books. Liesel gets a blank book from Ilsa. Himmel Street stutters.
Death snatches Liesel’s book. Police detain Liesel because she’s alone.
Adopted by Ilsa Hermann. Liesel sees Alex.
Liesel has a husband, children, and grandchildren. Max and Liesel reconciled post-war. Max’s future is uncertain. Liesel’s death brings her book.


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