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read by Ron McLarty

I picked up the new David Baldacci book last week. I enjoyed Divine Justice last year and thought this might be worth a listen. It’s an interesting book, centered around an organization that hunts down and kills Nazi leaders who had escaped justice. However, after they have killed all the Nazis, they move on to newer psychopaths. Their current target is Fedir Kuchin, the butcher of Kiev…and he is definitely one bad dude. Along the way, however, they encounter a representative of another secret agency, who appears to have similar goals to theirs.

**There’s a considerable measure of interest, a great deal of activity (some of it genuinely unusual), somewhat sentiment and sex, and a strong story here.** I wasn’t quite as entertained as I had been with his previous book. It wasn’t a waste of time, but I’m always hoping to **the trip across something outstanding, and this one didn’t arrive at that level for me**. **In any case, it was a respectable reader, and, surprisingly, fairly provoking.**

Ron McLarty read this one. I had enjoyed him previously, and he does have a great quality to his voice. However, he was in just a bit over his head this time. One had the sense that he didn’t have time to do the small things that you would expect from a top-shelf audio production. His accents for the main characters (especially the Brits) slipped completely away at times…so it became confusing as to who was speaking. Also, he clearly was “tuned out” at a number of points in the reading…because he missed the point of the sentence…leaving the listener to go back and reconstruct the words in their own head to make sense of them. McLarty is a pretty good reader. So either he was distracted, or more likely, on a tight timeline. Whatever the cause, it became a B-grade production for me.

I can’t give this two thumbs up, because it didn’t have a “wow factor” for me. But I did enjoy the book, and I will return again to Baldacci, because I enjoy his blend of solid storytelling, plot twists and behind-the-scenes info on intelligence ops.

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