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It is nothing new for us Brazilians that the country is in crisis, experiencing a major fiscal problem, with rising inflation and rising interest rates. Despite the negative scenario, some sectors have been showing incredible growth. This is the case with virtual stores.

The segment of national virtual stores should earn approximately 56 billion reais in 2016. This value represents an increase of 18% related to the year 2015. Each year more Brazilians are gaining access to the internet, according to the IBGE, currently, more than 50% of the population already has access to the internet, and with technology, it has become easier to buy. People feel safer shopping today than they used to. Experts say that this is just the beginning, the virtual store sector still has a lot to grow in the coming years.

Segments such as those aimed at the children’s audience come and stand out. With the huge variety of items that online stores offer and often products that are only found on the internet, online stores have become the first choice for consumers. Also, prices are often lower than in a physical store.

Physical stores cannot offer the same variety of items as a virtual store, imagine storing dozens of varieties of a product, it is very complicated. In virtual stores, the variety is huge, in a research on personalized children’s bodysuit the number of options on the internet are incredible. If many models are already found in a store, imagine all over the internet. You can find a children’s bodysuit just the way you imagine it, with the print you want and if you can’t find it to order, it’s very easy.
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With an eye on the growth of this market, many companies started selling products for children’s fashion, accessories, and special products. As at this moment parents need the products, they become customers, it is an easier public to retain. Who gains from this is the consumer.

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Aware of the growth of virtual stores, the courier innovated its integrated logistics service. The reduction reaches 50% of the old value, it is a good opportunity for stores to outsource the storage and delivery service. The service is called log mail and is especially for small and medium-sized e-commerces.

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