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Brian Schnabel Dr. Phil Life Code Summary.

Brian Schnabel’s Dr. Phil Life Code Summary.
When I saw the original copy of, “Life Code; The New Rules For Winning In The Real World,” written by Phil McGraw (AKA television show host Dr. Phil), I felt that perhaps I could benefit from what it had to offer. I think I felt particularly drawn to this book given the events that have taken place in my own life. Not really being an avid follower of Dr. Phil’s show, but having read other material written by him, I felt certain that I might get something out of this latest publication of his given the common sense approach he’s demonstrated in his previous works.

You know what? I wasn’t wrong!

This book proved to be an excellent guide on how to identify the liars, cheats, and otherwise dishonest or harmful people in this world, as subtly deceptive as some have proven to be. No matter how good a judge of character you think you already are, even if you’ve never read the original book before buying this summary; I’m certain you will get something out of this time-saving book summary by chapter publication.

As is the case in the original Life Code publication; in the first three chapters of this book summary, you will discover the common types of people who wouldn’t think twice about abusing, manipulating, or otherwise taking advantage of you without losing sleep over it. In the rest of the book, we will be reading about how to positively move ahead in our lives and come out on top. Yes! Despite the encounters we have had with any of the common personality types described in the first three chapters of this summary, based on Dr. Phil’s book, the possibility to pull ahead in life still exists.

Phil McGraw tells us, in the original Life Code Introduction, that his intention in writing this book was not to change who we are but to enhance who we are. This is, of course, unless we should find ourselves in chapters one through three! I think the inference here is pretty plain without me elaborating, don’t you?

Anyhow, let’s keep moving right along then, “Shall we?”

McGraw tells us right off the mark that in writing this book he began by listing all of the people who took advantage of him, lied to, or hurt and betrayed him personally in his life. He confesses here that it was a long list of people that extended back to his childhood. We can probably all easily create such a list. But Mr. McGraw then proceeded to do something with these sources of his more painful life experiences the rest of us don’t generally do.

Phil took each name on his newly created list and wrote about the experience he had with each one in as much detail as he could. He wrote about who these people were and what exactly they did or, in some cases, attempted to do. This involved writing about everything each person had said and done when they had their sights set on him as a target. Dr. Phil tells us that several pages were required to properly write about some people.

Why would he do this? Well… It goes like this!

By doing the above-described exercise; Phil was able to then look at what he had written regarding each person side by side on a wall. This helped him identify the commonalities between people on his list and their behaviors and tactics.

Born out of all this we get a book that tells us about the eight types of people we need to be on the lookout for. Mr. McGraw also assures us here that he will tell us, in the chapters ahead, about the fifteen strategies/tactics that these eight different types of people will use to bend us to their will.

However, Dr. Phil McGraw goes one step further with this book. He explains that he also did the same exercise that we just talked about with the people he admired in his life and knew to be successful. He again found certain commonalities between these folks that enabled him to give us a list of sixteen things that we can all do to enjoy success, too, just like his friends and associates.

Having read a considerable amount of material myself in the area of personal development and having some formal classroom education in the area of psychology; I have to agree with Phil McGraw when he writes that no one has done what he’s done in the preparation for his published work, which this book summary is based upon. I believe he is right in pointing out, too, that if you are one (like me) who’s been reading books to improve yourself and your life, following their guidance to the letter and your life still isn’t where you would like it to be… Well… It’s because… Ummmm… “We’ve been reading the wrong books!”

Is this going to be the right book for you? There’s only one way to find out! So let’s get rocked along as we dive deeper into this summarized version of Phil McGraw’s original work, “Life Code; The New Rules For Winning In The Real World!”

Chapter 1A: Life Is A Game; Be A Player Or Get Played: Brian Schnabel’s Dr. Phil Life Code Summary.
Are you wondering how it is that other people in the world with half your talents are moving ahead; achieving promotions, pay raises, and the credit that belongs to you? Do you wonder how come, other people, sometimes even your siblings, get the hot popular dates while you’re left standing on the sidelines? Do you not understand how it is that people manage to take your money, possessions, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife away from you and constantly seem to come out on top? Do you want to stop the liars, cheaters, manipulators, emotional and physical abusers from bypassing, robbing, or hurting you and the ones you love?

Mr. McGraw says we certainly can! Perhaps not entirely, but we can cut a significant amount of the pain other people cause in our lives out of the equation by learning to live by a new code.

When you look back upon those things that have happened to you that are along the lines of what has just been mentioned above; it is suggested that you take the time to figure out what happened, how it happened, and why it happened, if you haven’t done so already. You are entitled to feel angry about the situations others have put you through. But you must also recognize that your emotional response to a matter isn’t going to affect a change.

What is implied here is that after you’ve figured out what, how, and/or why something happened you have the choice to do something about it, “If you can.” Otherwise, at some point, you’re going to have to let it go.

Perhaps maybe writing down what transpired between yourself and a particular individual will help you see things more clearly? For some of us; attempting to work out things entirely in our heads is not always the easiest thing to do. This is often because of our emotional feelings of betrayal, anger, or hurt in some other way. These negative feelings interfere with our ability to map things out accurately from start to finish in our minds.

Pouring it all out on paper with as much detail as possible not only clarifies things for us. It helps us to see actionable resolutions to situations that we were unable to spot before we resolved to write it all down. Hey! Even if all of the writing in the world doesn’t help you to find an Actionable Resolution; it does leave you with some concrete information as to how, why, and what led to an unwelcome experience with a particular person. It might even help you to identify a few pointers of your own for avoiding these same types of people again in the future, too, if you get in the habit of doing this kind of thing.

Writing is not the cure-all for getting through the hurt of the bad things that can happen to good people. However, it does help for some of us, even if it is only just to release some of the pain. If the Devil is hiding in the detail’s then perhaps shining some light on them in black and white will drive the Chief Demon out, “Setting you free!”

Hey! “It’s Just a thought!”

Dr. Phil warns us in this part of his book that routine is dangerous. We tend to fall into a state of low-level alertness and become easily predictable in our habits/responses in matters of day-to-day life when we fall into a routine. This combination of low-level alertness and reliable predictability tends to make us and those we care about easy marks for those wishing to enter our lives; using us for their non-ethical purposes/gain.

Mr. McGraw points out that criminals generally target the elderly, lonely and desperate. This is because they are usually the ones that are easiest to take from. However, regardless of your feelings of age, loneliness, or desperation (financial or otherwise); you can help yourself avoid being taken in by the bottom feeders in our society by raising your level of awareness. “By the way!” If you’re routine is that mind-numbing for you, “Change it!”

We are informed in this chapter that life is a competition. In church, home, and school we are often taught how life is supposed to work, “Not actually how life does work!” It is acknowledged in this chapter that we do live in an exciting time. But we are also warned that taking people at face value is no longer an option.

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Dr. Phil McGraw emphasizes the importance of Self Protection. He tells us that those who operate in their day-to-day life under the guidance of a Moral Compass, which has had a beer can placed next to it, are all around us. Sometimes they are already in our homes, families, at work, and often can easily be found out on the street. Phil points out that, although it’s a good thing to pray for those whose Moral Compass needs some form of recalibration or replacement, we still need to protect ourselves and loved ones from them. When it comes to keeping what we get and keeping what we already have, Dr. Phil makes it clear, “There can be no other way!”
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