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Best Books Recommendations by BTS Members

Best Books Recommendations by BTS Members

If you’ve been browsing the web every time, then you’ve likely been aware of the South Korean band BTS. They have been making waves across the globe over the last couple of years and recently made it into the booktube world too, and that is an excellent thing for anyone who is a fan of BTS army and me since I’ve been following BTS for several years.

You’ve memorized the lyrics to the songs from memory and danced to the moves like you’ve never seen them before, But are you acquainted with BTS members’ most-loved readings?

So after a lot of searching and researching, I’m going to share with you books bts recommended by BTS members that everyone in the army must read, as well as some fascinating stories about their book and song connection.

BTS RM’s Books

1. Almond by Won-Pyung Sohn

The first novel in the fiction genre by Won-Pyung Sohn won the attention of many book lovers and even the BTS Namjoon and Suga. Almond tells the tale of Yunjae, born with Alexithymia, a brain disorder that makes it difficult for his body to feel emotions such as anger or fear.

The night of Christmas Eve, the day that Yunjae turns sixteen, everything is changed. A shocking act of violence shakes his world and leaves him in a bind. Frustrated by the grief, Yunjae retreats into silence in a secluded area until the troubled teenager Gon comes to his school and forms an uneasy relationship.

As Yunjae starts to open up his world to new people, including the girl at school, something is changing in his being. When Gon suddenly discovers his life in danger, Yunjae will have the opportunity to leave the comfort zone he’s constructed to become the hero he imagined he could be.
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Top 16 Books Recommended by Harlan Coben

2. Demian by Hermann Hesse

Every member from BTS has read the Book. Interview with Soompi, Rap Monster revealed: “We felt that there were many similarities between the parts of ‘Demian’ as well as the ideas we wanted to communicate. We used lots of the elements and objects of “Demian” in our jacket pictures as well as music videos. .”

Demian heavily influenced the BTS’s WINGS album for 2016. It is believed that the Bangtan Boys leader, RM, was also present reading the books recommended by bts during a music video shoot back in 2015.

In 1919, *Demian* was the gripping tale of a young, gentle Emil Sinclair’s descent, led by his Max Demian, an intelligent student sucked into the dark and scary world of criminality and rebellion against the norm, eventually awakening to self-confidence.

This classic novel speaks about the spiritual and examines our conflicts with our environment.
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3. Highly Sensitive People In An Insensitive World By Ilse Sand

This Book has been explicitly written for highly sensitive people. This bts books recommendation provides information on the characteristics of being sensitive and the best ways to overcome common challenges that can be a source of self-esteem issues and exhausting social interaction results. Ilse Sand also urges you to discover and appreciate the benefits of high sensitivity, including your ability to perceive deep, intense, and a sense of presence. She also suggests ways to relax and stimulate.
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4. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being By Milan Kundera

In bts books recommendations ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’, Milan Kundera tells the story of a young lady in love with a man who is torn between his passion for her and his insanity of womanizing. This dazzling novel blends geographically remote places, hilarious and amusing reflections, and a myriad of styles to earn its place as the most significant work by one of our outstanding writers.
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Book Recommend by People

5. Jojo Moyes Me Before You

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many steps are required between her bus stop and home. She knows that she enjoys working in The Buttered Bun tea store, but she’s aware that she could not like Patrick, her best friend. Patrick.

Lou does not know that she’s in danger of losing her job or that knowing she’s about to lose her job will keep her calm.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident ended his desire to live a life. He knows everything is tiny and quite solitary right now, and he’s sure how he will end this.

What Will does not realize what he doesn’t know is Lou has about exploded into his world in a flash of hues. Both of them don’t know they’ll change each other forever.
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6. Martin Gayford’s A Bigger Massage: Conversations With David Hockney

The dialogues of Hockney Gayford and Hockney Gayford are punctuated by awe-inspiring and insightful comments on other artists, Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Picasso. They are also accompanied by shrewd insight into the different physical and social landscapes of Yorkshire, where Hockney was born, and California. One hundred eighty-one illustrations and 154 color illustrations.
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7. Please Look After Mom by Shin Kyung-sook

When So-nyo, a sixty-nine-year-old, has been separated from her beloved husband in the crowds at the Seoul metro station, their family launches an urgent search to locate her. However, as old secrets and personal grievances are revealed, they begin to consider: how well did they have a connection with the woman they call Mom?

Through the sharp voices and the urgent perspectives of a son, daughter, and husband as well as mother, The bts book recommendation “Please Look After Mom” is both an actual depiction of modern life in Korea and a universal tale of love for family members.
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8. Ursula K.Leguin’s Those Who Walk Away From Omelas

The story was in the spirit of the BTS song ‘spring day.’ And if you check out the video, you’ll see Hoardings singing ‘omelas’ in this music video.

“Those Who Walk Away from Omelas’’ is an original short story that was included in the collection “The Wind’s Twelve Quarters.

I decided to read the story because a band I love, BTS, created a music video and song inspired by the story. The prose enthralled me, and the message stimulates your thinking. It is also recommended to read the author’s notes at the end of the story’s close, and it is very interesting.
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9. Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

The story starts with a salesman on the road, Gregor Samsa, waking to discover that he has been altered (metamorphosed) into a huge enormous insect-like creature. The reason behind Samsa’s transformation has never been revealed, as Kafka did not provide any explanation. The remainder of the novella by Kafka is about Gregor’s attempt to adapt to his new circumstances in the face of the burden of his siblings, parents, and sister, who are horrified by the savage, terrifying creature Gregor is becoming.
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10. Norwegian Wood

RM is a massive lover of Murakami’s books. He has read all of his books.

A fantastic coming-of-age story filled with nostalgia, Norwegian Wood blends the music, the mood and ethos of the sixties, and the despairing and unrequited love of a young man.

Toru, an earnest college student from Tokyo, is deeply in love with Naoko, the beautiful and contemplative young woman. However, their shared passion is highlighted by the death of their closest friend a few years earlier. As Naoko disappears into her world, Toru is drawn to a strong, independent, and sexually free young woman.

Beautiful and elegiac Norwegian Wood first propelled Haruki Murakami to the top of the literary world.
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11. Kafka On The Shore by haruki Murakami

“Kafka On The Shore” is a reference to one of the songs from BTS known as Butterfly, and they directly refer to this in the song’s lyrics, which is awe-inspiring.

BTS RM loves to read Murakami’s novels. He has recommended several Murakami books, including 1984 and Norwegian Wood.

Kafka On the Shore tells the story of two extraordinary characters. Kafka Tamura flees home at age fifteen and is in the shadows of her father’s terrifying prophecy. The old Nakata is a hunter of lost cats who was never cured of an unusual childhood illness and found his blissfully simple life suddenly turned upside-down. The parallel journeys of these two characters are enhanced with vivid characters and captivating dramas. Cats interact with humans, and fish slither out of the sky. A ghostly pimp swoops in to deploy a Hegel-speaking girl in the dark; a forest holds soldiers that appear to be untied in the years since WWII. There’s a brutal murder. However, the identity of the victim and the perpetrator is a mystery. Murakami’s novel is an old-fashioned quest. However, it’s also a daring exploration of contemporary and mythical taboos, patricide, mother-love, and sister-love. In the end, it’s an entertaining read of superior quality.
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12. 1Q84 By Haruki Murakami

RM has revealed that Murakami’s 1Q84 had inspired the esoteric song “Sea.”

This is the year 1984, and Tokyo is the location. Tokyo. A young woman known as Aomame takes an unsettling suggestion from a taxi driver and starts to observe puzzling differences within the world surrounding her.

Haruki Murakami’s biggest and most ambitious project to date is an adventure, love tale, novel of self-discovery, and a dystopia that will beat George Orwell’s –1Q84. It is a book that became a best-seller in his home country of Japan and an incredible creative feat from one of the world’s most admired contemporary writers.
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BTS Jungkook’s Books

1. I Decided To Live As Me By Kim Soo Hyun

This Book explains what we must do to live as ‘me truly.’ The book “I Decided To Live as Me’ focuses on the adulthood process with a self-love list of tasks to complete. Are you one of many people having a hard time coping with the uncertainties of life? Are you one of those who has been feeling low about themselves and thinking they’re stuck at the bottom of their life? It says that you don’t have to feel guilty after looking at a rich person’s SNS and that you don’t have to justify your actions to anyone or be accepted by all.

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2. The Little Prince By Antoine De Saint-Exupery

A pilot stuck in the desert awoke one day to find a most amazing little creature right in front of him. “Please,” asks the stranger, “draw me a sheep.” The pilot then realizes that when life’s happenings are challenging to comprehend, it is impossible to choose other than surrendering to their mystery. He grabs a pen as well as the paper. Then begins this charming and insightful story that, by explaining the secrets of what matters to be a successful person, altered the world forever for the readers.

Few tales are as well-read and loved by adults and children worldwide in the same way as The Little Prince, presented here in an astonishing new translation that has been meticulously restored art. The ultimate edition of this global classic is sure to capture the attention and minds of people of all age groups.BTS recommended books J-hope’s Books
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BTS J-hope’s Books

1. Living, Loving, & Learning By Leo F. Buscaglia

Living, Loving and Learning is a charming compilation of Dr. Buscaglia’s entertaining and informative lectures that were presented worldwide 1970 between 1970 and 1981. This inspiring treasure is for those eager to face life’s challenges and profit from the beauty of love.
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BTS books recommendations Suga’s Books

1. The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist tells the mystical tale of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd who longs to explore to find a mysterious treasure. His search will bring him vastly different and more fulfilling riches than he had ever dreamed of. Santiago’s story teaches us the importance of listening to our inner voice, recognizing opportunities, discerning the omens scattered along the path of life, and, perhaps most importantly, following our desires.
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2. Kitchen By Banana Yoshimoto

Kitchen is a captivatingly original book that blends two stories about mothers and their love for each other, as well as tragedy and the importance of the kitchen and house in the life of two young ladies free in modern-day Japan. Mikage, The heroine, is an orphan raised by her grandmother, who died. In grief, Mikage is taken in by her best friend Yoichi and his mum (actually his transgender father), Eriko. The bts books recommendations three create an unplanned family that quickly suffers from the loss of its tragic members; Yoshimoto spins a lovely poetic tale with cooking and the warmth of home at the heart.

In a playful style reminiscent of the Marguerite style of the early Duras, Kitchen and its counterpart, Moonlight Shadow, are exquisite tales whose apparent simplicity is the trick of a gifted writer whose voice resonates throughout the mind and soul.
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BTS books recommendations Jin’s Books

1. I’m Glad You Live Like Bonobono By Kim Shin Hoi

There are commonalities among people who like Bonobono. They quietly go about their day with no big goals and are more comfortable than thrills.

People who do not live the kind of life they imagined when they were children but aren’t discouraged by it are those who don’t want to give up when they realize the things you cannot accomplish regardless.

Some people that love Bonobono may not be exceptionally bright or energetic; however, they are still alive. (Book is available only in Korean).

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bts book recommendation Jimin’s Books

1. Between Calm and Passion – Rosso

The storyline in Between Calm and Passion circles around two people, Aoi and Junsei, who promised one another at 20. On Aoi’s birthday in 30 years, they would be reunited at the Duomo, which is situated within Florence, Italy. ( The Book is only available in Korean)
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2. ‘Essays After Eighty by Donald Hall

Throughout his entire existence, Donald Hall dedicated himself to writing, creating a remarkable professional career that included being a poetry essayist and memoirist. In his “unknown, unanticipated galaxy” of very old age, his writings astonish, move, and amaze.

In his essay After Eighty, Hall ruminates about his past: “thirty was terrifying, forty I did not notice because I was drunk. fifty was the best with an entire change in life, and sixty added to the joy of fifty . . .” He will also address his current situation: “When I turned eighty and applied testosterone to my chest my beard became lion-like and I gained an additional four inches.”
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BTS V’s Books

1. The Power of Language by Shin Do Hyun

The Book encourages us to reconsider the way we talk. It also teaches the art of using words so that we communicate what we mean in our speech and avoid risks that could result from our language.

The author relies on quotes from philosophers, thinkers, and other thought leaders from the West and the East and the humanities to describe how to speak a decent language.

It provides eight stages to improve your ability to speak from beginning to end. It draws on a variety of examples of Western as well as Eastern classics and thinkers to help readers improve their speaking. (there’s an English translation of the text available yet).
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All of these books are highly suggested by every BTS member; some are highly recommended, and BTS members recommend some books during interviews.

Each bts book recommendations00000000000000000000 mentioned above contains an incredible concept of storytelling that makes it distinctive and worth reading by BTS or any other reader who would like to experience a different type of experience when reading. We hope these books will meet your high expectations and provide you with the knowledge you need and fun.

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