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Written by Ted Dekker

I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve ever read by Ted Dekker. To my way of thinking, he’s an extremely creative writer…and his wordsmithing is very solid. Descriptive, picturesque, energetic. And his latest release is no exception. I’ve read almost all of Dekker’s books, and one thing I enjoy about most of them is the way he tells parallel stories happening in two different worlds…whether literally different planes of existence, or simply separated by time and distance. This book is only slightly different in that regard. It’s always fun to watch how he weaves the stories together as they converge and begin to have an effect on each other.

Adam is the story of two children who are kidnapped at a young age by cultists, and how the boy grows up to become a mass murderer. The parallel story arc involves an obsessive FBI behavioral psychologist who is attempting to track down this mass murderer and to bring him to justice. Along the way, Dekker covers an incredible amount of turf….including severe child abuse, repressed memories, near-death experiences, brain chemistry, emergency medicine, love, divorce, nurturing, loss of faith and…as if all that weren’t enough, a Catholic priest and exorcism.

Although Dekker is a Christian and his books reflect that worldview, this story begins and has its roots strongly set in atheism and bad religion. And when God and constructive spirituality do eventually enter the picture, it’s done very creatively.

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As far as the narration goes, Tim Gregory earns a B from me. His voice is great, his reading is pretty solid (though the voice characterizations were a bit weak)…but I found his constant mispronunication of certain words like “defibrillation” and “intravenous” highly distracting. Whoever did the audio editing should be ashamed….they were clearly sleeping when they should have been “chopping”. There are quite a number of places where false starts were left intact as part of the final audiobook release. Very tacky.

Nonetheless, this is a very good story. Dekker has yet to disappoint me as an author. I look forward to every new release from him. Unfortunately, his audiobooks never seem to be made available for download anywhere near when the print editions are released. I’m not sure if this is the fault of the audiobook company, or Audible, or whom. Regardless, it’s a bad way to run a business. But, the good news is…THIS book IS available now…and it’s worth the money to buy and the time investment to listen.ur post introduction here
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