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Book Summary:A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 1: Meet The Most Important Living Person: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 1: Meet The Most Important Living Person: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Right at the start, we are informed that we will, by reading this book and all of its contents, meet the most important person in the world. Care who to guess that might be? Have you looked in a mirror lately? Yes! The authors are talking about you!

We are told in this first chapter of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,“ that each of us carries a Talisman with NMA (Negative Mental Attitude) stamped on one side and PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) stamped on the other. The authors, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, then explain how if you stick with using the PMA part of the talisman you will attract things like Health, Wealth Love, and Success. However, if you go with the NMA side of the talisman you will push away pretty much everything that makes a life worth living.

We are informed that it is not God’s will that people be impoverished. Per Hill and Stone; if we are living in poverty it has more to do with us than God or anything else. They say in their original published work that if you Develop a desire to become rich you will be rich.

With the PMA side of your talisman turned up every adversity has a benefit. If you’ve got a burning desire to be successful at something it doesn’t matter who you are. With the right attitude, you will keep trying until you succeed no matter what the adversity is that you are faced with.

If your thoughts and attitudes, in general, are positive, your thoughts of yourself are also positive. Also, having a genuine love for people and making it a point to be in service to others; your rewards have a far greater potential to be awesome ones.

Negative attitudes will allow one to give in to defeat every time. But a positive person, who has had a rough time with failure, will become Inspirationally Dissatisfied. This means that the positive person will sit down to figure out what went wrong before going for multiple bites at the apple if need be; banging away until they succeed at the endeavor they are having trouble with.

There is no room for a Negative Mental attitude if success is to be yours. We are told in this chapter that the right mental attitude can be summed up by descriptive words such as hope, faith, integrity, optimism, generosity, initiative, courage, kindness, tact, tolerance plus common sense. It is the opinion of Hill and Stone that anyone who possesses the traits that these descriptive words represent has the right mindset/mental attitude. It is felt by the authors, Hill and Stone, that this positive mindset is crucial to having the right outcome in any applied recipe for success.

And, just to be clear folks, if you are trying to locate the talisman on your person that Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone speak of in the book, “It’s your brain!” How do you use your mind when you are confronted with a problem? Do you fall to the negative side of thinking when the going gets rough? And if NMA does describe your thinking during hard times, or in general, “How’s that working for you?”

Are you ready to discover more about the PMA approach to success? If you are, “Keep Reading!”

Chapter 2: You Can Change Your World: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 2: You Can Change Your World: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

The authors recommend that you look at these principles and see which ones you’ve been using and which ones you have not. If you memorize them with the intention of actually using them; you will be able to identify which of these principles you have not been using correctly, “If at all.”

Many people are held back because they tend to blame the world for their problems; where they grew up, family background, poverty, etcetera. However, (per Hill and Stone) they fail to see that the world around them would be right; if only they implemented the right mental attitude.

Are you lacking a bit in the PMA department? The authors of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude suggest that you identify yourself with a positive figure/image. It could be a character in a book that has the kind of courage and moral fiber you wish to acquire. “Or,” you could identify yourself with a real-life person whom you admire.

Hill and Stone talk in this book about how the world is an ever-changing place. But they tell us that we can influence the direction of the changes to come. How do we do this? Simply by having a definite purpose, combine with a positive mental attitude. In addition; we can influence how the future unfolds by taking initiative, being enthusiastic, effectively managing time and money, exorcizing self-control, focusing our attention, the practice of precise thinking, and seeing creatively.

If you have a clear picture of how you want your world to be then there is a greater chance of you obtaining your goals; your world being right in accordance with your desires. Having a positive mental attitude to go along with this picture can certainly make things easier, if not downright fun because you are going after the things in life you want.

It should be noted here too that life doesn’t just hand us problems. Life hands us problems we can solve. In this sense, “Life never leaves you stranded!”

Hill and Stone suggest that we repeat self-motivating statements to ourselves throughout the course of a day. Of course, one would want to pick statements designed to help them move closer to achieving their desired goals.

Looking for a self-motivator to get you going on the right track? Stone and Hill suggest that we look in The Bible for a start if we’re short on ideas. We can look in Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude for motivational statements, as well. In fact; looking in Hill and Stone’s book might be the better option for those first getting started; Success Through A Positive Mental attitude clearly demonstrating motivational statements in action for the benefit of those new to the Personal-Development Arena.

Chapter 3: Clear The Cobwebs From Your Thinking: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 3: Clear The Cobwebs From Your Thinking: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

How clear is your thinking? How orderly are the thoughts you have? Is your mind like a TV remote in the hands of an individual who possesses the attention span of a Twinkie? What? Twinkies don’t have an attention span? “My Point Exactly!”

Seriously; disorganized thinking will certainly stand in the way of you achieving your goals. However, Mr. Hill and Mr. Stone assure us that all is not lost. And, “Yes,” thoughts “can” be organized.

We are told in this chapter that there should be a balance between emotion and reason. But often what happens is, choices we think are reasonable are really decisions born of deep-seated subconscious desires; emotions masquerading as perfectly logical thoughts.

Some of the problems that are created by our thinking are born out of the fact that we can often see the faults in others, easily. “Yet,” we have difficulty seeing the problems within ourselves.

When it comes to misunderstandings; Hill and Stone point out something that makes a lot of sense, in their book, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.”. The authors tell us that if folks would learn to control their reactions to the faults they see in others, “Both parties would be a lot better off.”

We all have faults and are often just as guilty for the events leading up to the misunderstandings we experience. Therefore, Hill and Stone tell us, things could be resolved quicker by acknowledging the things we ourselves have done wrong in any given situation.

Folks who already approach negative matters, by looking within themselves to see what they personally might have done to contribute to any given problem they encounter with others, “First,” know that resolutions come about much more quickly. They also know that things are much less stressful when they take responsibility (if there is any to be taken) for their role in creating a situation.

Hill and Stone explain to us here that words are symbols that the conscious and subconscious mind used to communicate back and forth. They tell us that many misunderstandings can be avoided if we can find out what spoken words actually mean to another person. In doing this we can avoid arguments.

The authors talk about how generalized word symbols clutter up one’s mind when they are based on false premises. They tell us that if one has a clearer understanding of what words actually mean, they can remove many cobwebs that will otherwise tend to impede their thinking.

For example; if you had small frog legs for dinner and liked them and then had large frog legs from the same source that truly sucked; you might decide that you like small frog legs better. You would reach this conclusion, especially if you didn’t know that the one time you had large frog legs, they only tasted like crap because they had come from a bad batch.

We are taught that the word, “Necessity,” is the one word that can lead to invention, or, the reasoning behind criminal activity. Honesty is a viable ingredient found only in PMA. Those who have true PMA can achieve success without lying, cheating, and stealing to obtain their goals, even if their reason for having their goal involves, “Necessity.”

A Negative Mental Attitude on the other hand… Well… “Hell Yeah!” Criminal activity performed under the banner of, “Necessity,” tends to equal jail for many.

“Also,” I hear God has a special place for those crooks who don’t get caught here on earth. “Get the picture?” Anyway, “Moving right along then!”

“Now,” there are folks who were once criminals due to the use of the NMA side of their talisman. But the authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” tell us that these folks have been able to clean up their act and actually do some good in the world. Yes! There is hope! It can be done. People can change if they want to.

The Bible helps many people find the track to living right with a Positive Mental Attitude. In fact, it is written in this book by Mr. Hill and Mr. Stone that prayer is the most important power that anyone has at their disposal. If your prayers are honest and sincere, “They just might be answered.”

There are some folks who are caught up in the mental cobwebs of their own mind that say, “One should never interfere with God’s work.” They feel that looking for inspiration in any other place but the bible is wrong and won’t do it. But if they were to accept that it’s ok to look for inspiration where ever inspiration is to be found, while maintaining a positive mental attitude with the Lord as their guide; these very same folks could lead a more fulfilling, “God-inspired life.”

What kind of cobwebs are in your mind that could be holding you back? Do you have a clear understanding of all the words/symbols that are exchanged between your conscious and subconscious mind? What false premises are you operating under? “Do you know?”

Chapter 4: Dare To Explore The Powers Of Your Mind: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 4: Dare To Explore The Powers Of Your Mind: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Here Hill and Stone talk about the fact that your mind and body are pretty much the same things. One is very tightly intertwined with the other. They point out, too, that because of this mind-body connection, we all have powers that are known and unknown; mystical in nature. But if we learn how to tap into our powers, both mystical and non-mystical, we will have greater control over our environment; achieving what we want in general.

Taking time to repetitively make a statement to yourself like, “Every day I am getting better in every way,” with emotion to go along with the statement, is called, “Conscious Auto Suggestion.” The idea here is, if a person wants to get their subconscious mind working on a goal, one must write out the goal as a statement; taking time to stop and repeat the statement to themselves over the course of a day.

Ultimately; memorizing these positive statements (affirmations) would make it a mental part of any person; etching the desired new behaviors or values in deeply at a subconscious level. In this way; the subconscious can work on helping one to achieve their goal even while they are asleep.

It’s been found that, if a doctor’s patient is taught to consciously make healthful statements to themselves, these statements can then be picked up/integrated into the subconscious mind after a time. The result of this being; the patient can trigger healing within their own body due to the patient’s own affirming declarations.

“However,” the statements must come from the patient themselves. Conscious Auto Suggestion will not work if the affirmations are coming from another source. So, as per Hill and Stone, guided meditations and recordings won’t cut it.

We are told by Hill and Stone that most of the time we operate under the influence of Unconscious Auto Suggestion. This is kind of like Conscious Auto Suggestion; just in reverse. With Unconscious Auto Suggestion; we are simply responding to urges embedded in the unconscious mind surfacing at the conscious level of the mind; this process happening without our being fully aware of it.

However, we are not always just subconsciously influenced by what goes on in our own minds. Did you know that the subconscious mind can record events that are not detectable by the naked/conscious eye? Did you know that subliminal messages can be flashed before your eyes so quickly that you wouldn’t consciously see them?

In fact; in their original work, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” the authors tell of an experiment done in a New Jersey movie theater some years ago. This experiment showed that subliminal advertisements flashed up on a movie screen could increase the sales of corresponding products in the theater anywhere from twenty to fifty percent.

Apparently, the forty thousand people involved in this experiment didn’t know what was happening. For some strange reason; when the public did finally see the news stories about this experiment and its results in their newspapers one fine day, “They weren’t thrilled.”

Chapter 5: You’ve Got A Problem That’s Good: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 5: You’ve Got A Problem That’s Good: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

The authors start out this chapter by telling us that having problems is good. They say that by overcoming them we make rungs out of them on our ladder to success. They tell us, too, that there will always be problems in life because life is ever-changing. But when we face our problems with a Positive Mental Attitude, “It’s all good!”

We read here that when we are faced with a problem we should…

Ask for guidance from God.
Set aside time to think about what the problem is we are facing; defining exactly what it is.
Look at our problem as if it’s a good thing; putting some serious effort into maintaining a viewpoint of enthusiasm while focusing on seeing the positive points.
Figure out how to make the problem of some benefit to ourselves or others; turning it into an asset rather than a liability.

The Authors round this list off; telling us to keep going over the above points in our minds until we come up with a solution.

The three types of problems that we’ll face in our lives are personal, family, and professional. Per Hill and Stone; the most likely problems that we will face are of the personal variety; physical, emotional, financial, etc.

Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude isn’t always easy; hanging around with those suffering from NMA making it much harder to stay positive. The authors do give some credence to the fact that “We can be known by the company we keep.”

Who do you hang out with? Are they positive or negative people? Are they criminal or respectable?

The authors of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude tell us that sex is one of the most powerful forces at work; heavily influencing the conscious and subconscious parts of our minds. Sex is what can ruin a person, or bring them happiness if managed in a virtuous manner. Hill and Stone’s recommendation; have loving sex rather than lusty sex.

Stone and Hill also talk in this chapter about life cycles of business, along with one’s personal life, as well. They talk mostly about the business aspect of it here. But they do take a little time to drive the point home that, “Pretty much everything runs in a cycle.”

Where business cycles are concerned; one can gain and amass wealth. However, to do this, they will need to take the time to learn what the cycles and trends for their industry are. Once they have taken the time to learn this; it will be easier for them to keep the money they’ve earned; driving their business forward, even while their industry is moving in a downward direction.

Chapter 6: Learn To See: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 6: Learn To See: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

In this part of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude; Mr. Hill and Mr. Stone tell us that, “Seeing,” is a learned process. Image association being developed; none of us magically coming into the world knowing what we are looking at.

They explain that our eyes (functioning eyes) don’t really do the seeing for us. The only thing our eyes do is to bring images to the brain, which is then responsible for interpreting what the eyes are showing to it. So, in this sense, “Sight is more a matter of perception than seeing,” according to Stone and Hill.

Did you know you could be mentally nearsighted? We read here that some folks can only deal with the problems immediately in front of them. Mentally nearsighted people don’t have a clue as to the importance of plans for the future, or even the power that having such plans can hold for them in attracting greater success and happiness.

Other people are mentally farsighted. “Yes!” There is such a condition known as Mental Farsightedness, as per Stone and Hill. The folks who come under this category tend to be able to see potential in the far-off distant future. “However,” Mentally farsighted people are blind to what is right in front of them, which prevents them from ever getting to that distant place they see in their mind’s inner eye.

In reading this book; we are also informed that there is a kind of mental blindness that exists, too. Some people don’t see the potential in material things right in their own backyard, or in any of the people around them.

Some people see only what they want to see. If they don’t want to see anything… Well then, “Lights out it is!”

“Hey!” Got something puzzling you? Well? Ask yourself questions! Once you think you’ve got the answers you need; make a bold move and take action. According to Stone and Hill; this is how some folks have come up with new inventions, or discoveries, and made fortunes, “All because they had the drive to seek answers to questions.”

None of this stuff can be done without a Positive Mental Attitude, no matter how good one’s mental perception is. So, if you think that having the right mental perception alone is going to help… “You might want to guess again!”

Chapter 7: The Secret Of Getting Things Done: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 7: The Secret Of Getting Things Done: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Hill and Stone make it pretty clear in this chapter that doing something while paying nothing is much better than paying the price for doing, “Nothing.” In short; this chapter is all about not letting work and other matters pile up by developing an action habit.

The authors of, “Success Through A Positive mental attitude,” urge us not to simply talk the talk. They want us to walk the walk, as well; making the principles we read about in their book a part of our daily lives, rather than just our vocabulary. They indicate that this is a sure-fire way to guarantee that we stay ahead of the eight ball when it comes to getting things done.

Making an effort to actively deal with that which needs to be dealt with, as it comes along, puts you on the road to creating a new habit. “The Action Habit.” Having a, “Do it now,” mentality will also enhance your character; causing others to see you as a person of action; not some wussy sitting on the sidelines; surrendering control of your life to the environment around you. Getting things done “now” allows you to have a much greater hand in defining your environment, rather than allowing it to define you.

“Sure!” There are things out there that one can’t always immediately deal with. However, there’s no law that says you can’t put other easily doable things to rest, while that which can’t be put to bed right away is moving along at a slower pace.

However, you know what you’ve simply been putting off that can be handled in about five minutes. You also know what’s going to take a lot more time to do. Nevertheless, what Hill and Stone are suggesting in their book is that you can get a bunch of stuff done, long term and short, if you do all that you can do, “Now.”

Yeah. That might require a bit of planning on your part, especially if there are some really big time-consuming things that need to be dealt with on your to-do list. But you can develop an actionable plan for handling them, “Right now,” can’t you?

I can tell you too, from personal experience in dealing with working on large projects, slow and steady gets the job done. If you doubt that, just check out the size of this website. It certainly didn’t spring into being overnight.

Bottom line; you can accomplish a lot in a relatively short time span with a little effort and a bit of planning. I can personally attest to the fact of what Stone and Hill are saying about developing a mentality based upon, “Doing it now.” If what they were saying wasn’t true, my whole life would be spent sitting here typing away on a computer keyboard; popping one anti-depressant after another as I lamented my lack of a life. But, because I do what I can do when I can do it, “I’ve got quite the full and happy life to live,” much further away from this computer keyboard than you might think.

Chapter 8: How To Motivate Yourself: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 8: How To Motivate Yourself: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

In this chapter of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” we read about how our motivations are those things that drive us to do the things we do. These inner urges are things such as instinct, passion, desire, and emotions. When one, or more, of these motivating forces, gets infused with an idea we have; we can easily be driven to act upon our idea at a subconscious level, without even realizing it.

Hill and Stone do take a bit of time to talk about hope in their book; indicating that it is an important component of the driving forces, which motivate many of us. Hope, in a nutshell, is a feeling that starts out as a desire for something, fueled by the belief that what is desired is obtainable.

Hope is a motivator for some who want to move from, where they are now in their lives, to a foreseen place in the future. For others; hope is a major driving force behind getting a new house, new car, more money, the love of their life, etc.

Every act you engage in; every thought you have; can all be traced back to a motive or combination of motives. Ten of these basic motives are…

Life after death.
A desire for physical and intellectual freedom.
Recognition and material gain.

You will note in this list a few things, which are clearly negative motivators. You may be wondering if they are good, or even belong there!

Negative emotions (thoughts and feelings) are good for us in the sense that they serve to protect us. Being willing to kill to protect countless others from a deadly threat, or harboring negative feelings against what is clearly evil in its most dangerous forms, is good. However, Hill and Stone do point out that we do not need to repel the negative with negative like we once did in primitive times. They say this is because civilized society has largely taken that need away from us; laws giving us the opportunity to refine our reactions to external negative forces.

Hill and Stone tell us that we can change negative reactions/emotions that we find unhelpful. They say we can do this through, what they call in their book, “Auto Suggestion.”

To get the Auto Suggestion process started:

Determine the positive reaction you wish to replace a negative fear/emotion with.
Create an affirmation that will remind you of the positive reaction you now wish to have.
Repeat your new affirmation to yourself every time the negative emotion/fear comes up; intensely focusing upon your desired replacement response.

This process isn’t going to take hold overnight. However, I’ve personally found that, in addition to the above, repeating my auto suggestive affirmations to myself as I fall asleep has remarkable results, “When it is least expected.”

You will know when you’ve finally changed a negative reaction to a positive, no matter what it is, by the way, you feel from head to toe. Your new response will kick in effortlessly; leaving you feeling as if a massive weight has just been lifted off your shoulders.

Do you have a few virtues, or goals, that you would like to achieve? Write them down! Nothing makes a more powerful impression on one’s mind than taking immediate action, which starts first through the process of writing! Of course, in all this PMA is a key ingredient; helping to maintain faith in what you are doing, plus the belief that what you want can be achieved!

Chapter 9: How To Motivate Others: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 9: How To Motivate Others: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

One of the first things we discover, in this chapter of Stone and Hill’s book, is that one can motivate others by simply having faith in them. If one feels the confidence radiated toward them by others, it raises their self-esteem; assisting them to forge ahead in a more positive fashion.

Letter writing is another way to motivate an individual; helpful in expressing thoughts that one may not be able to say during normal conversation. Letter writing is also an excellent way of passing along some useful advice an individual would not be willing to absorb if expressed to them verbally.

A well-crafted letter is often read more than once by a recipient, especially if it is genuine in nature. But, letter writing also helps the writer organize and solidify their thoughts; making it easier for the letter’s author to organize and express what’s on their mind; all done in a manner that is more likely to be useful to the intended recipient.

Another way of helping one to see their own positive potential is motivation by example. For instance; let’s say you are the head of your company’s sales department. As the Boss; you decide to make a sale in front of an employee they themselves didn’t believe they could personally make; you doing this as a scolding. Chances are good that they aren’t going to be very motivated by that type of experience. “However,” if you were to generously offer to assist them with a sale; they are more likely to be positively inspired in their efforts with difficult accounts in the future.

“True!” Their belief may have been the very thing holding them back when it came to making difficult sales. But, when faced with a difficult task, there’s a funny thing about confidence and faith in a group of two or more people. “It gets kind of contagious!”

So, Hill and Stone are clearly saying, “Yeah.” Sometimes we just need to switch on the light for others by positive example.

Motivational books are another excellent way to inspire folks to take action; improving their overall performance on the job. “True!” You might only want to improve your staff on a professional level, simply for the sake of your company. But, if the book you give your staff helps them in their personal life, isn’t that to your advantage, “Too?”

“What?” You don’t think so? “What planet are you from?”

Seriously though; self-help/motivational books are really like mental vitamins. So, if you are one who wants a better life, keep reading them. If you are a company owner who wants your business to perform well then get your employees hooked on reading self-help books and other motivational material, too.

Hill and Stone also talk in this chapter of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” about the importance of helping people find jobs that come naturally to them. If people are working jobs that come naturally to them; these folks are more likely to be incredibly productive in whatever positions they hold. They will be less likely to call out sick and be happier people overall.

Please Note: It’s going to be rather difficult to motivate other people for you if you don’t have a positive mental attitude, “Yourself.” It certainly helps, too, if you know what motivates another person. But, even if you do, you will still need a positive mental attitude to move that process along, regardless of whichever strategy you decide to employ.

Remember: It’s kind of hard to maintain the appearance of being one with a positive mental attitude, particularly if you are less than enthusiastic about life. So, it will be helpful for you to act enthusiastic. This way the excitement, you manage to stir up within yourself, comes through when working with other people.

Chapter 10: If Ever There Was A Shortcut To Riches: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 10: If Ever There Was A Shortcut To Riches: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.


Stone and Hill tell us that there really is a shortcut to riches. They tell us that this shortcut is simply taking the most direct route to what we want.

Shortcuts, even when it comes to goals, generally are just that, “Shortcuts.” Once we know what we wish to achieve personally and professionally; the most direct route is always preferred. But, what Hill and Stone are saying is, the Traditional procedures for goal achieving unnecessarily drag things out.

Keep in mind too; the attainable goals Hill and Stone say their 17 Principles of Success can help us achieve, “Do not violate the laws of God or the rights of other people.” In short; if you use their 17 success principles for good they’ll work just fine for you. But if you use them for bad… Well… “Need I say more?”

Chapter 11: Attract Don’t Repel Wealth: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 11: Attract Don’t Repel Wealth: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.


Hill and Stone inform us in this chapter that one can attract wealth. But the authors also tell us that we can push it away, just as easily. They remind us, too, that thinking and planning are key components to getting the ball rolling, which is something even the sickest of us can do, from a hospital bed if necessary.

And how much time do they suggest a planning session should take daily? About fifteen minutes a day is sufficient, as per Stone and Hill in their book, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” But, the authors are careful to point out that it is not unheard of for some successful folks to take way more time than that.

During quiet time is when a lot of folks get their best ideas. Sometimes, even when just riding in a car, thought for a possible solution to a business problem may occur to you; if not an idea on how to generate another stream of income.

The authors suggest you keep a pencil and paper handy at all times so that you can write down your ideas as soon as you get them. But, if you are like me, you’ve already figured out that digital recorders are great, especially when already built into your cellphone. At the very least, there’s always the option of leaving one’s self a voicemail message. This way, when all else fails, the ideas one has don’t get lost and can be written down later.

What’s the point here? “Keep a record of your ideas and thoughts in a convenient way that works for you.”

Goal setting needs to be done in order to attract wealth. “Therefore…”

Goals need to be written down. This will help to leave a deeper impression in your memory as you write down your goal.
You’ll want to give yourself a deadline by which the goal should be accomplished. This way you are driven to meet that timetable.
You’ll want to set your standards for the accomplishment of the goal you wish to achieve; timetables for long and short-term goals. As a part of this process; take into consideration where you will be in ten years, particularly if you continue to do what you are currently doing now.
Aim high. You get out of life what you ask of it. Therefore, Hill and Stone encourage us to ask for more in life than what we currently feel we are worth.

Of course, action is the key to getting any goal accomplished. If you are unwilling to put your ideas into action, you will not have much more than a bunch of notes on great ideas.

Obviously; doing all of this is going to require a certain amount of faith in what you are doing, as well as yourself. However, Hill and Stone tell us that faith is one of those things we need to apply during the whole process of working to attain our goals. Otherwise, our efforts will be pretty much pointless; moving us to an early grave at the very least.

“And,” how do we maintain faith no matter what? “With a Positive Mental Attitude!”

Chapter 12: If You Don’t Have Money Use OPM: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 12: If You Don’t Have Money Use OPM: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.


Are you wondering what OPM is? Well… In a nutshell… “It’s Other People’s Money!” Hill and Stone tell us that there are folks out there who have made millions utilizing loans from banks, plus other sources; all for the sole purpose of obtaining their wealth.

The authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” tell us quite clearly that if you are going to be successful in general, “You need to operate with a high level of integrity and conduct yourself in an honest ethical manner.” This should be the case when working with any of the seventeen principles mentioned in their book, even before you consider using Other People’s Money. Otherwise, things just might not go so well for you.

The authors tell us that it is ok to use credit to expand our business in a profitable way. They say that if you have the credit, and don’t use it to help your business grow, you are missing out on an important component of the winning combination to success.

Hill and Stone tell us that money can gain more money when it is invested wisely. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for folks to have more intangible assets than actual money in the bank; all because they learned the fine art of using OPM.

We discover in this chapter that, not only can a banker be your friend; they will take the time to learn their client’s business. Knowledgeable bankers will understand why a client might want to borrow money for such things as advertising; granting their client the desired loan if the client’s business plan is sound. In some instances, a banker may even be willing to help a client develop a better business plan, once the client has established solid credit history with the bank.

Stone and Hill warn us that credit is a two-way street. It can be just as harmful as it can be helpful if used carelessly. They tell us that access to it can even make some folks dishonest. Obviously; common sense must be used with credit. Even though one who defaults on a loan may not ever go to jail; there are usually serious consequences that evolve from defaulting on creditors.

When using other people’s money, we are told to keep in mind that things do run in cycles. There are times when borrowing more money is a good idea and there are times when it is not. If one continues to borrow money based on the value of securities acquired, and the value of those securities fall, or the market their business is in goes through a slow period, they may find themselves in a situation where they are unable to repay what they owe. So, calculating the highs and lows of the industry one is engaged in is important, especially when it comes to using OPM.

Knowing everything about the business you wish to use OPM for is critical. If you do not have all the information you need, even if you aren’t borrowing Other People’s Money, you may find yourself falling short of success because of one simple thing you knew nothing about. So, if you are going to use OPM, “Do your homework!”

Chapter 13: Your Magnificent Obsession: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 13: Your Magnificent Obsession: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

If we develop an obsession to help others in some way, we unleash powerful energy governed by universal law, which will then work in our favor. If we willingly share a part of ourselves in service to others, without expecting anything in return, the blessings we receive will be more beneficial to us than we might ever be able to imagine. However, the important point to remember is; those who do good works in secret will be rewarded by the Lord openly; as per His son, Jesus.
Hill and Stone tell us, too; often what we can offer others, comes mostly under the category of, “Invisible Assets,” which no one can ever take away from us. They explain that sharing doesn’t mean that you have to give money. It could be something as simple as smiling at everyone you meet, sharing your time for a worthy cause, or lending a helping hand by using your special skills for good.
What we give that is good increases while what we withhold that is good decreases. And, “No,” you don’t have to be anyone special to have a magnificent obsession. Folks from all walks of life have had them and their works are still evident around us today.
Hill and Stone also remind us here that there is more to life than just chasing a dollar. While the authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” fully acknowledge that money makes the world a friendlier place, they emphasize the fact that we are merely trustees of it.
Money won’t buy one health, love, or happiness. Also, the love of money has left many folks, both healthy and ill, with no family. Pleasurable life outside of business has also been rendered nonexistent by the love of money, as well.
To make a magnificent obsession into reality; one may need to stand alone to pull it off. Determination and a lot of PMA will certainly be needed in these situations, especially if you’re pursuing something that many believe can’t be done.
Stone and Hill also pointed out in this chapter that, whether you are getting paid or not, anything worth having is worth working for. What one can see in their mind’s eye and believes in is always worth making the extra effort for; turning vision into reality through faith coupled with PMA. If it is something to achieve that is truly worth wild, any sacrifices you need to make for your magnificent obsession “now” will certainly be worth it to you, and many others, “Later.”

Chapter 14: How To Raise Your Energy Level: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 14: How To Raise Your Energy Level: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.


We are told by Hill and Stone that our energy is twofold. The first part of it is physical and has to do with the body itself. The second part is spiritual and mental, making it the more important part.

They talk a bit about how there is no reason a person age fifty should not be just as physically fit as they were at age twenty. If a person knows how to train their entire body; there is no reason that they should physically deteriorate. Hill and Stone explain, too, that the body’s capability begins in the mind, with a person’s belief that they can make their body do what they want it to do.

If you are normally a well-balanced person; some signs when your energy level is low (other than tiredness) are exhibiting suspicious, tactless, unfriendly, obnoxious, argumentative, hostile, sarcastic, anxious, fearful, jealous, depressed, or excessively emotional behavior. To maintain a Positive Mental Attitude, you need a good energy level to work with.

What? You didn’t know that staying positive required energy? Seriously? Well, “Having a good Energy level makes a huge difference when it comes to maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude!”

Hill and Stone tell us that, just as proper nutrition along with exercise is important for maintaining our physical energy and health, we also need to feed our minds with inspirational books and positive material to keep the PMA factory going. However, it should be noted that, just as it is important to have good energy levels to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude, it is also equally important to understand that a negative attitude will easily rob a person of energy. Feelings of hate and fear (just to name a couple) will drain a person pretty quickly if these emotions/thoughts aren’t kept in check.

Hill and Stone tell us the easiest way to prevent our emotions from wasting our energy is to keep our minds on the things we want and not the things we don’t want. Of course, it is easier to pull this off if one is already a more cultured and refined person: the authors acknowledging this. However, like everything else, if the energy you want is worth having then it is worth working for. “Good things do come to those who make the effort!”

Substitute negative energy-draining thoughts and emotions with positive ones as they come up. Feeling fearful? Act Confident! Think you’re stupid? Tell yourself you are smart! Self-talk, backed up by action, can eventually lead to some pretty good results down the line if one sticks with it.

Chapter 15: You Can Enjoy Good Health And Live Longer: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 15: You Can Enjoy Good Health And Live Longer: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

A Positive Mental Attitude is key for living a longer and healthier life. It is the very kind of thinking that will draw the better things in life to a person; just as a Negative Mental Attitude will shorten one’s life and bring all manner of misery down around them.

We are again reminded by the authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” that to maintain PMA we need to read inspirational books; the most inspirational of these being, hands down, “The Bible.” But one needs to do a bit more than just read. They need to take what they have learned from reading and put it into action.

The positive thoughts and ideas one absorbs through the study of inspirational material may one day do way more than just make one healthier. The absorption of positive thoughts and ideas into one’s conscious and subconscious mind may be the very thing that saves their life, should they ever find themselves on death’s door.

The authors do acknowledge that money can buy good health of body and mind, along with the respect of other people, if used in the right way. Having cash around certainly can make it easier to…

Move to a climate more conducive to healthier living.
Hire the right doctors to meet your health needs.
Live a less stressful life in general; creature comforts and all.

However, it is also noted that when one uses their wealth to help others via the development of charitable foundations and other types of philanthropic contributions, other people will take notice. Naturally, one isn’t going to live longer via generosity and PMA, alone. The authors tell us that we still need to have a good understanding of matters of mental, physical, and social hygiene.

The authors tell us that we can obtain more information on these matters from Federal, State, and Local governments along with religious organizations, plus schools, just to name a few places. In short, “Ignorance of what good and healthy living are or means will lead to a shorter life here on earth!”

Safety comes first for those who have a Positive Mental Attitude. Did you know people have died while trying to avoid being late for a funeral? Yup! They put those speed signs up for a reason folks! “Get the picture?”

Seriously though, part of living a longer healthier life does involve using some common sense. Riding in cars with bad breaks or being driven by drunk people isn’t exactly the exercised common sense Hill and Stone were talking about in their original book, either. So, “Yeah.” Common Sense equals longer life, as per Hill and Stone in their book, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.”

Chapter 16: You Can Attract Happiness: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 16: You Can Attract Happiness: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

In this chapter of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, we read that those who want to be happy can do so. After all, “Happiness is a state of mind!”

What? Are you having trouble convincing yourself to be happy, or to at least make the halfway mark, which is known as, “Contentment?”

Make someone else happy and happiness will come back to you and stay with you. Some memories are priceless. So, if you’ve got a joyful experience to recall in your mind, it can pull you through the rough patches until you find your next bit of happiness to add to your storehouse of memories.

Happiness is not something that is found. Happiness is something that is created. If you look for it you will not find it. But if you work to create it then it will be yours for the asking.

Hill and Stone tell us that happiness begins at home. However, even Hill and Stone know that many times this is not the case. They explain that, in some instances, it’s because there are forceful personalities in the home that are very much alike.

At other times, it’s because of misunderstandings that can arise from the tendency of people to gauge other people’s reactions on their own. Keep in mind that this is just to give one an idea of a few major contributing factors, as you and I both know things at home are often way more complex.

Sometimes conflicts arise, between members of a household, because each has failed to recognize that over time everyone changes. In a household where there is a lot of good PMA amongst its members, the communication is a lot better, and these differences are recognized.

Stone and Hill tell us that sometimes these differences may never be understood. However, the person operating under the influence of the PMA side of their talisman has enough understanding in these situations to know one simple thing. “Other people are different from them.”

You may have heard that opposites attract? Do you know how two opposites complement each other through attraction? The authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” tell us; it’s because their differences complement each other. The differences in each person inspiring the other to grow and expand. The authors feel that complementary differences help keep one from becoming frustrated while the other is kept from becoming too rigid in their ways; having a neutralizing effect where extreme differences are concerned.

We also read in this chapter that happiness is not something anyone should ever try to buy for their children, or anyone else. If one gives more of themselves in the form of time to those whom they hold dear, they will be happier. Those around them will be happier and there will be ample appreciation to go around, as well. In short; one should never try to use money as a substitute for their time and companionship, or to prevent their kids from learning the harder lessons in life.

Did you know that you can bring happiness through writing letters? Letters are an excellent way to express ideas to others, which you might not be able to formulate well enough to say out loud. But in delivering the letter to its intended recipient you are channeling their thoughts, toward you, as they read the letter.

Well-written letters can inspire those who receive them in good ways. In turn, letters can also cause the recipient’s happiness to turn back in your direction. Hill and Stone say that this is because you took the extra time to acknowledge your intended recipient; giving of yourself to them through writing.

Being sensitive to the feelings of others goes a long way in making other people happy, in addition to yourself. Keep in mind here, too, that the sales associates’ attitude of, “The customer is always right,” is beneficial to anyone wishing to master it. Also, remember that how you talk to people will influence their feelings, too.

In fact; how you talk to people will either attract the right kind of person, or the wrong kind of person; drawing them into your life. Got a tendency to naturally attract Gang Bangers into your inner circle of friends? You might want to check on your speech if you think you’d like to stop that from happening.

In a nutshell: The way we talk certainly can attract the people we want in our lives and repel those we don’t want around us. It will be having a Positive Mental Attitude that keeps it from being the other way around, plus attracts general happiness our way.

Chapter 17: Get Rid Of That Guilt Feeling: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 17: Get Rid Of That Guilt Feeling: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

In this chapter, it is explained that having a feeling of guilt is a good thing. It’s not uncommon for anyone to have a feeling of guilt; no matter how good or bad a person may be.

Hill and Stone tell us that we are only in trouble if we don’t ever have a feeling of guilt. The authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” say this is because we can’t distinguish right from wrong; more than likely suffering from a serious psychological condition.

Many guilty feelings are inherited, while only a few are acquired. Stone and Hill tell us that emotional conflicts within the self occur when the ethics and standards of one environment are at odds with another. However, the best way to handle such conflicts is to make the choice between them that leaves us feeling guilt-free.

Guilt feelings are good when they are accompanied by a Positive Mental Attitude. Guilt feelings have a way of causing people to go out and make a positive difference in their own life, and the lives of others; making amends with those they have wronged.

“However,” if one has guilt feelings with a Negative Mental Attitude; this is a different story. We are told by Stone and Hill that the subconscious mind never forgets. Therefore, when guilty feelings meet NMA, in the arena of the subconscious mind, the body that the mind controls will likely suffer.

Not only that though; people with NMA and guilt feelings tend to develop destructive habits. It’s as if they need to suffer.

The authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” suggest that joining a religious organization, and engaging in daily prayer, is an effective way to avoid feeling too much guilt in one’s life. If we do feel guilty about something, we can first start by counting their blessings and expressing their thanks to God for what they have. It would then be a good idea to sincerely ask God for forgiveness.

Memorizing the Ten commandments, plus other rules of positive conduct within the culture we live will help to keep us going the right way in our lives. In a nutshell, Stone and Hill tell us, “Guilt is good.”

“However,” the authors stress that we should, “Get rid of that guilt feeling!” If we have it and just let it stay there, it’s going to influence our lives in negative ways. The negative impact of which Hill and Stone speak, will not only be concerning impeding our path to success. We are warned, for the millionth time over, that the guilt we feel will negatively impact us physically and emotionally, as well!

Chapter 18: Now It’s Time To Test Your Success Quotient: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 18: Now It’s Time To Test Your Success Quotient: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

What’s your mental attitude like right now? Is it Positive or Negative? It’s a rhetorical question you don’t have to answer; not that I can hear you, even if you wanted to answer me. But, while you are thinking about it, you might want to consider some more of the things Stone and Hill discuss in this chapter.

We read here that the burden of teaching lies upon those who want to teach, just as much as the burden of learning lies upon the one who wants to learn. Hill and Stone tell us that success can most certainly be copied. So, if we are willing to listen to folks who have more experience than us, we can take from them the information that is good and helpful in achieving our own goals.

The authors emphasize here, too, that their book, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” is not something you will want to read just once. They suggest, after reading it a few times by yourself, you read it again with a loved one or friend if possible; discussing it points by point. They say you will want to make sure to memorize the success principles in their book and assimilate these principles into your day-to-day life; thus, ensuring their 17 Success Principles will work for you.

Chapter 19: Awaken The Sleeping Giant Within You: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 19: Awaken The Sleeping Giant Within You: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

We are reminded here again, by the authors, that each of us is unique and that there has never been anyone exactly like us. They remind us that we are a product of our heredity, environment, and even our position in space and time; powers known and unknown. Hill and Stone tell us that there will never be anyone like us again in the future. To that end; we are truly the most important person.

We read here that the mind never fully sleeps because the subconscious is always at work. However, our conscious mind does sleep. But when our conscious mind is awake there isn’t anything it can’t do, especially when it is working in harmony with the subconscious mind.

The authors suggest that we regard the powers of our minds, both known and unknown, as a sleeping giant within. We can awaken this sleeping giant by directing our thoughts and emotions in the direction we wish to move our lives in.

What do you want in your life? Do you want, love, recognition, a boat, a house, or do you want to make the world a better place in which all of us can live? Stone and Hill tell us that the giant within us, when awakened, can help us achieve those things we have a burning desire to have in our own lives.

We are told that we can achieve whatever we want. All we must do is name it. Once we use the magic possessed within each of us to summon our giant, all things are possible. But the authors don’t stop here.

Stone and Hill say that We need to not only awaken our sleeping giant. We must be certain to keep tabs on our progress through life.

We are told here in, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” that things aren’t always going to go smoothly. However, we are assured that if we stay the course, by using the principles outlined in this book, we will prevail via our mindfulness of the positive and negative influences in our lives.

Chapter 20: The Amazing Power Of A Bibliography: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Chapter 20: The Amazing Power Of A Bibliography: Brian Schnabel’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary.

Stone and Hill tell us in this last chapter of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” if we want to motivate ourselves and others we can state it with a book. They tell us that sharing inspirational material with those around us while continuing to read it ourselves, is one of the best ways to effect positive change within ourselves and others; thus, creating a better environment for everyone.

Hill and Stone even tell us how we should read a self-help book. They tell us that we should read it; concentrating on the contents of it as if the author were writing to us as a close personal friend. When reading a self-help book, it is best to know what it is that we are looking for.

If we are looking to recognize and assimilate into our lives the principles we are seeking from such a book; we will need to work at it. This means taking time to reflect upon what we have read; considering how it pertains to our own lives.

One does not read a self-help book the same way one would read a romantic novel. We are told the best way to go about reading a self-help book is to…

Read it the first time through for general content.
Underline those things that jump out at you.
Make notes in the margins; writing down the thoughts and ideas that flash into your mind as you read the book.

Hill and Stone tell us that a second reading should be more thorough, with a specific emphasis on making sure that we have a clear understanding of the new material that the book presents to us. You might want to think of this as more of a study type of reading. You know… Like… When you were in school and had to read a book for a class; reading in a manner enabling you to pass any tests thrown at you on the book’s content.

On your third pass through reading a self-help book; you should read for your future, as per Stone and Hill. Read the book a third time by memorizing passages that have particular meaning to you. This way you have these passages in your memory to fall back upon; helping you to stay on track as you move ahead towards your aims and goals.

Do the authors tell us we should read a self-help book again a fourth time? You better believe they do! We shouldn’t need to do it right away after the initial first three readings. But, down the line, Hill and Stone say that we’ll want to read the book again. “However,” this fourth reading would just be to refresh our memory and rekindle the inspiration that we got from the book initially.

In closing, we are told that we should keep and read over again the best of our self-help books, especially when we begin to feel discouraged, or are losing our feelings of being inspired. The best self-help books are the ones that speak to us in a way that we can understand the concepts and principles of, giving us the inspiration we need to make positive changes in our lives.

This in no way means that a self-help book is an end-all to our problems. But, self-help books give us a clear path to follow, even though the darkest of times.

Are you ready to begin sharing that of yourself which is desirable and good? Have you awakened the sleeping giant within you yet? Got the PMA side of your talisman facing up?

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