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16 Business Books Everyone Should Read (Part 2)

The books in business non-fiction focus on the management and operation of businesses or the financial aspects. This genre includes how-to guides that provide step-by-step instructions on everything one needs to know to own, start, and manage a business. It also covers taxes, marketing, and other social topics. These books also include topics on economic growth and business impact on different cultures and regions. Many business books will inspire, educate, and help entrepreneurs become better. We’ll share **16 business books Everyone should read** that will change your life and help you grow you and your business in this article. These must-read business books will teach you many lessons to help you succeed. These books are jam-packed and full of actionable advice.

List of 16 Business Books Everyone Should Read

1. The Millionaire Next Door

“The Millionaire Next Door” book is written by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko in 1996. The book is a collection of research that the authors did on popular American profiling Millionaires. Seven common traits are identified in The Millionaire Next door, which is a compilation of seven characteristics that are often seen among wealth-seekers. Most truly wealthy Americans don’t reside in Beverly Hills or Park Avenue. Instead, they live just next door. These are the seven common traits: High income and low expenses. Frugal, wealthy. Breaking even, spender. Broken even. This book is very inspiring, as it shows how anyone can become a millionaire by investing well and living below their means.
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2. The Richest Man In Babylon

*The Richest Man in Babylon i*s 1926 written Book By George S. Clason That provides financial advice through a selection of parables. Book explains the ancient times, which were set 4,000 years earlier in Babylon. It is still in print almost 100 years after the original parables were published. The book is considered a classic for personal financial advice. Arkad is a fictional Babylonian character that tells the stories. He was a poor writer who rose to become the “richest man of Babylon”. Arkad’s advice includes the “Seven Cures” and “Five Laws of Gold”. This book is a real gem, and it’s a far cry from all the other books that claim to be on the same topic but are full of pseudoscience & BS.
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3. The Art Of War

The Art of War, *written by* Sunzi, an ancient Chinese military strategist (also known as Sun-Tzu), wrote the influential book based on The First Treatise on Chinese Military Strategy, a warfare strategy in history. It isn’t easy to pinpoint exactly when it was written. *The Art of War* was published, but scholars believe it was written sometime between 475 BCE and 221 BCE during the Warring States period. The basic idea of The Art of War The bottom line is that diplomacy should be used to avoid War; it should not be avoided. However, it should be fought strategically and mentally to minimize the damage and waste of resources. It should be used only as a last resort. Anyone who goes into battle admits to some form of defeat.

The book’s main message was on the idea of Distinguishing between when and how to fight, Avoiding what is strong and striking at it, and learning how to fool the enemy. Book teaches that you can appear weak when your strength is strong and appear strong when you are weak. You don’t need to fear the outcome of 100 battles if you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is one of the most acclaimed and highly respected books on military strategy. Although it is based in ancient China, the principles and advice of the book are as timeless today as they were on the battlefield.
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4. Start With why

Start with Why reveals that the leaders of the most influence in the world think, behave, and communicate in the same way. This is the opposite of what everyone else does. Sinek calls this powerful idea ‘The Golden Circle.’ It gives a framework for organizations to be built, movements that can lead, and people who can get inspired. All of it starts with WHY. It will give you two reasons why you should read the book. They will inspire and provide examples of the why. The book will also make the concepts easy to understand and make them tangible so you can use them to do something.
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5. Losing My Virginity

I’m losing my virginity: The autobiography of British businessman Richard Branson.

He relates his rich adventures, including dropping out of school, starting a record company, and crossing the Atlantic in a speedboat. The book is essentially about how intelligence, determination, and an adventurous mindset play a part in his success as one of the wealthiest men on Earth.
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6. Tools Of Titans

Timothy Ferriss, who wrote the Tools of Titans, is a self-help book by an American writer, educator, and entrepreneur. This book is packed with secrets and techniques you won’t find elsewhere. This book also contains new tips from past guests and life lessons that new ‘guests’ have learned from you. Tools of Titans features Tim Ferriss’s share of beliefs and habits of 101 high performers, including entrepreneurs, investors, athletes, entertainers and athletes.
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7. Principles: Life and work

**Principles:** Life & Work is A 2017 book by a hedge fund manager Ray Dalio. It was based upon principles that he had learned while running Bridgewater Associates. It covers more than basic facts such as education, career, and death. Book describes a person’s experience with these life events. He says that life, investment, management and economics can be easily automated and understood as machines. He also describes the firm’s innovative tools to bring an idea of meritocracy to life, such as creating “baseball cards” for all employees that clarify their strengths and weaknesses and employing computerized decision-making systems to make believability-weighted decisions.
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8. The Internet of money

Andreas explains why bitcoin is a technological and financial breakthrough with tremendous potential in this book. The technology quietly introduced to the world back in 2008 is changing more than just finance. Bitcoin currency is disrupting outdated industries and bringing financial independence to billions worldwide. *The Internet of Money* explores questions on the why and how of bitcoin. An internationally acclaimed information security expert and author- *Of Mastering Bitcoin,* Andreas M. Antonopoulos analyzes and contextualizes bitcoin’s significance through a series of essays that traverse the thrilling maturation of the technology. The Internet of Money is fundamentally changing our approach to solving economic, political, and social problems via decentralized technology
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9. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People was first published in 1989, and Stephen R. Covey wrote a self-help book. Covey defines efficiency as balancing obtaining desired results with taking care of what produces them. This is displayed in Covey’s use of “The Fable of…” The goose that laid the golden eggs. He also asserts that effectiveness can be expressed as a P/PC ratio. “P” refers to getting the desired results, and “PC”, The key to caring for the things that produce results, is to care for them. These seven habits are designed to change how we think about work and personal life. How to manage our time more effectively and how to stay motivated, and how you can cultivate relationships. An extremely effective person Every day can contribute to the vision of his whole life. It involves identifying and analyzing old scripts which lead to your goals and creating new scripts in harmony with your values.
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10. Crushing It ! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crushing it highlighted that entrepreneurs must have a strong personal brand. In **crushing it!** Gary shares why this is even more true Nowadays. He offers his unique perspective on the changes and principles that have remained timeless. After reading the book, you can read stories about other entrepreneurs who have become richer than they imagined. Entrepreneurs, and Gary’s, success has nothing to do with their knowledge of social media platforms or their willingness to do anything to make these tools succeed to their full potential. He provides both tactical and theoretical advice on how you can become the most popular on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and on podcast platforms like Soundcloud, iHeartRadio and iTunes, and emerging platforms like Musical-ly.
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11. Outliers: The Story of Success

**Outliers: The Story of Success** is the third non-fiction book written by Malcolm Gladwell, published by Little-Brown and Company on December 18, 2008. In Outliers, Gladwell explores what factors contribute to high success rates. Malcolm Gladwell leads us on an intellectual journey through “outliers,” the world’s most notable, successful, and brightest. He asks: What makes high-achievers unique? He also explains the secrets to software billionaires, how to play great soccer, math skills for Asians and why the Beatles were the best rock band ever.

Outliers are brilliant and entertaining and a landmark piece that will delight and illuminate.
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12. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

**Elon Musk: Tesla and SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future** is Ashlee Vance’s biography of Elon Musk, Published in 2015. The book covers Elon Musk’s entire life, from his childhood to his time at Stanford, Zip2 And PayPal, and SpaceX, Tesla And SolarCity. Vance interviewed Musk, his closest friends, and others at key moments in Musk’s life. Musk did not have control over the contents of the biography. The book provides a fascinating insight into the life of Musk, undoubtedly the most successful entrepreneur in the world. Vance captures Musk’s insatiable drive, unique personality and ability to survive through hardships with a vivid picture.
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13. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

The Hard Thing About Hard Things is a book by Ben Horowitz. He is co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz. This book draws on his personal experience of starting, running, selling, buying, managing and investing in technology companies. It offers valuable advice and practical wisdom to help you navigate the most difficult problems business schools can’t address. He has a loyal following of millions of people who rely on him to help run their businesses. While many people talk about how wonderful it is to start your own business, Ben Horowitz is blunt about the difficulties of running one.
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14. Billion Dollar App

How To Build a **Billion Dollar App** is a book by George Berkowski, an entrepreneur and serial technique. He gives you access to the secrets that led to the success of a few apps that have achieved billion-dollar success.

Berkowski counts exclusively on the stories of billion-dollar app club members like Uber, Whatsapp and Snapchat to give you all the information you need to build your mobile business. Berkowski guides you through every step, from the initial idea on a piece of paper to building a team and attracting millions of users. He also explains how to manage the pressures of being the CEO of a billion-dollar company.

Serial tech entrepreneur George Berkowski shares the inside stories behind the apps that made it billion-dollar rich to show you how to build your mobile business.
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15. Solve for Happy

Solve for Happy is an original book that focuses on creating and maintaining Happiness. It was written by a Google executive who has a passion for solving problems and engineering training. Solve for Happiness’s central premise is Happiness, which can be viewed as a default state. Unhappiness can be defeated if we set expectations that acknowledge all possible outcomes. Solve for Happy is the story of a former Google engineer who outlines his formula for Happiness. He demonstrates that Happiness is our default state and how we can overcome obstacles that keep us from becoming happy.
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16. American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt For the criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road

16 Business Books Everyone Should Read (Part 2)

American Kingpin:** The story is about ‘Dread Pirate Roberts,’ the criminal head and founder of the notorious and illegal online marketplace Silk Road, where drugs and guns were anonymously available. At a deeper level, American Kingpin offers two stories. The first one begins with Ross Ulbricht, a twenty-something libertarian who established the Silk Road. This illegal marketplace has a multi-million dollar value. Ulbricht transformed himself from being a naive dropout from grad school to criminal overlord DPR. The book also tracks the federal investigation, arrest, conviction, and sentencing of DPR. In American Kingpin book is well-researched, and the writing style is easy to follow. This book is entertaining because it exposes the cybercriminal underground and links it to an individual that no one believed was anything other than a misguided teenager.
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