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10 Best Short Books Under 100 Pages


The best part of studying books with brief pages is that you don’t want any time dedicated to studying a short book. You can study for your commute, earlier than a mattress or to your lunch smash and they’ll offer you with the correct pick-me-up. These brief and quick reads also make great vacation presents for people who like studying but don’t have much time on their hands. Now that you understand why short books are really well worth your time, let’s get started!

Below you can discover a compilation of quick books below 100 pages, 50 pages, and a few even with 30 pages; great books that will help you find the most interesting read in no time.

1. The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Bianco

The Velveteen Rabbit (or How Toys Become Real) by Margery Williams changed into posted in 1922 and has been in print ever since. The best-known book by British-born creator Margery Williams Bianco (1881 – 1944), it’s been a kids conventional for generations. In 2022, we have a good time on the hundredth anniversary of its publication. The Velveteen Rabbit is the story of a crammed toy rabbit who needs to end up actual. The identified rabbit is a Christmas present for a kid we come to realize simplest as “the Boy.” The book begins:

“There changed into as soon as a velveteen rabbit, and in the beginning, he changed into simply splendid. He changed into fats and bunchy, as a rabbit need to be; his coat changed into noticed brown and white, he had actual thread whiskers, and his ears have been covered with crimson sateen. On Christmas morning, while he sat wedged in the top of the Boy’s stocking, with a twig of holly among his paws. The impact changed into charming.”

The Boy ignores the velveteen rabbit for a time, who prefer to play with fancier, extra present-day toys. The oldest toy in the nursery is the Skin Horse, which changed into handed down by the Boy’s uncle. He tells the rabbit of ways toys can end up real thru the affection of the kids they belong to.
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2. Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini

The story is narrated by an unnamed guy who became born and raised in Syria. As a boy, he grew up in the geographical region close to the Syrian town of Homs. He lived in a farmhouse together along with his brothers and parents, and he loved a boyhood of peace and contentment. He is now married and has a son named Marwan. The Syrian Civil War started out whilst Marwan became a toddler. The narrator bemoans the truth that because of Marwan’s age, Marwan will probably haven’t any memory of the few nonviolent years following Marwan’s birth.

The Syrian Civil War became preceded by protests and civil unrest from the civilians. Eventually, the authorities started attacking its very own civilians, and a violent civil struggle broke out. The struggle brought on many deaths and massive harm to cities. The narrator in the end flees from Homs together along with his spouse and son. They arrive at a seashore on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There are different refugees there as well. Some are from Syria, however, there also are refugees from different struggling are-torn countries.

As they look forward to morning and the advent of a rescue boat, the narrator thinks about the truth that preceding refugees have frequently been dealt with hostilely with the aid of using the denizens of nations to which the refugees have fled. His spouse has stated that if the humans could witness the destruction of the struggle directly, then they might be kinder to the refugees.
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3. The Library by Sarah Stewart

This book in reality resonated with me on such a lot of levels. I consider myself an avid bibliophile. This book, however, has proven to me that I’m now no longer almost close enough to the leagues of Mary Elizabeth Brown. She is a special entity altogether.

The book starts with the child Elizabeth Brown actually losing instantly down from the sky. The narrative builds as much as her early life in which she became proven to opt for analyzing books over dolls, skating, or maybe gambling with friends. As she grew older and went off to the academy, she delivered along with her a steamer trunk packed with books. I needed to laugh aloud as it’s far the sort of acquainted sight. The truth that she reads at the same time as the workout is a testimony to her single-mindedness and fantastic focus. I also love how she mistakenly discovered her manner in what might be her home – the region in which she finally settled down.
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4. The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen

The Ugly Duckling is a story about the problems and sufferings of a younger swan that was given hatched from an egg in a duck’s nest. He turned marked as unique while all of his problems started. He turned into humiliated and abused in lots of methods which ended up with him now no longer trusting himself. He concept that he turned into worthless and he left the ducks.

Finally, the lovely summer has arrived and the writer describes the woods and the lakes in the woods. On a sunny meadow, there’s a residence that reminds of a fortress. Between the water and the walls are a few burdocks and in among the burdock is a duck’s nest. The duck hid her nest from curious people and she or he sat on her eggs for a long term now. It turned into a run-of-the-mill task however it turned out worth it when she heard her ducklings popping out in their eggs. In the beginning, the concept that it turned into a big world however quickly the mom duck defined to them that what they noticed in front of them wasn’t the entire world.
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5. I Am Enough by Grace Byers

I Am Enough is an essential book for everyone — an inspiring lyrical ode to loving who you are, respecting others, and being the type to at least one another.

Grace Byers’ soulful book is a magnificent poem to women encouraging self-esteem, individuality, recognition, and kindness. It empowers women to be themselves and encourages them to recognize their infinite potential. Readers will find out how every day is packed with possibilities to dream, soar, love, use their voices, fail, succeed, disagree, and love. The poetic tone of the textual content is celebratory, inviting the reader on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Keturah Bobo’s expressive and colorful illustrations exhibit racial and cultural variety and indicate a female playing jump rope in a wheelchair. They praise the uplifting and nice confirmation that “I am enough!” And that cover simply attracts you into the story. This is an excellent gift book.
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6. The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming

At ages 4-8, the publisher’s recommended age range for The Leaf Thief is manner too high. The book is certainly preschool gold, and I can see kindergarteners taking part in it, too. But any older can be a stretch until it’s an older sibling studying to a more youthful one. I’d propose ages 3-6 for this one. A squirrel’s existence receives turned upside down while his preferred leaves begin disappearing in Alice Hemming and Nicola Slater’s The Leaf Thief.

Squirrel loves counting the leaves on his tree — purple leaves, gold leaves, orange, and more. But keep on! One of his leaves is lacking! On a quest to locate the lacking leaf, Squirrel groups up with his good pal Bird to find out who the leaf thief will be amongst their woodland friends. Is there without a doubt a leaf thief afoot, or is something else taking place in Squirrel’s woodland?
With leaves beginning to extrude colors, The Leaf Thief is a super read. This funny have a take a observe the converting of seasons now no longer handiest celebrates nature, however, mastering to evolve to extrude as well. Brightly colored illustrations paired with ambitious font quick draw attention, and the squirrel’s stupid antics are positive to carry laughs.
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7. The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen

Fairytales are read by everyone because they introduce the reader to the world of magic in an easy way. They speak about human characteristics, love, and friendship.
This story is set about love among friends. A little lady named Gerda becomes on the brink of discovering her friend Kai who disappeared. She crossed forests, mountains, and hills to return back to the Snow Kingdom and bring her friend to lower back home.

A wizard becomes moody at some point and he invented an enchanted reflect. When a person could check out the reflect they could only see unsightly things around them. Except for seeing unsightly things the heart of the character could petrify and grow to be bloodless like ice. The wizard become satisfied together with his new invention and laughed loudly till he dropped the reflection on the floor. The reflect shattered to million portions that unfold across the sector. On the other side of the sector, Gerda and Kai loved gazing at snowflakes falling to the ground. Their friendship bond become unbreakable and a few even suspected they had been siblings. Kai becomes a considerate boy and Gerda becomes a sturdy lady.
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8. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein begins with an apple tree. The tree cherished a small Boy and the Boy cherished the tree too. He might frequently come to play with the tree. The Boy might “acquire her leaves,” “climb up her trunk” and “swing from her branches.” The Boy spent quite a little time with the tree. The tree might deliver the Boy shade even as he ate her apples. They had a lot of fun together and they have been each very satisfied.

But time went by and the Boy started growing up. He visited the tree much less and much less as he grew older and the tree grew very lonely and sad. After some time the Boy got here back. The tree desired to be satisfied with the Boy once more but the Boy wasn’t there to play. The Boy desired to make money. The tree desired to make the Boy glad so she gave him all her apples to sell.
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9. The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol

“The Overcoat,” tells the story of the existence and death of Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin, an unremarkable and certainly pathetic middle-elderly titular councilor and copying clerk serving in an unnamed branch of the Russian civil service. Though Akaky has little or no and is cruelly picked on with the aid of using his coworkers, Akaky presents no discontentment together along with his plight, in reality even overtly relishes his copying work, wherein he seems to discover a few thrilling worlds of his own.

His existence is thrown into disarray, however, whilst he unearths that he should purchase a brand new overcoat, a superb rate for which he’s unprepared. Though he starts upset by the want for the brand new overcoat, he quickly finds in the quest to shop up for and lay out the brand new overcoat for a better purpose. The concept of the brand new overcoat turns into a deep consolation to him, like having a regular companion. The day he gets the coat is the happiest day of his life.
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10. A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid

A Small Place is split into 4 loosely structured, untitled sections. The first section starts with Kincaid’s narration of the reader’s experiences and mind as a hypothetical visitor to Antigua. The reader, thru Kincaid’s description, witnesses the wonderful herbal splendor of the island, whilst being sheltered from the harsher realities of the lives of those who must stay there.

The second section offers Kincaid’s memories of the “old” Antigua, the colonial ownership of Great Britain. Kincaid recollects the informal racism of the times, and the subservience of Antigua to England and, especially, to English culture. She delves in short into the records of Barclay’s Bank and discusses the Mill Reef Club, an elite, all-white enclave constructed through rich foreigners.

The third section, the longest, offers Antigua’s gift and starts with Kincaid asking herself the stressful question of whether, thinking about the nation of the island today, matters weren’t, in fact, higher in the old days. The fourth, and final, the section is a kind of coda to the piece, starting with an evocation of the acute bodily splendor of the island. She describes the splendor as so severe as to appear “unreal,” nearly like an example or a stage-set.
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These short reads with 100 pages or less work especially well while you’re on a protracted flight or simply need to loosen up with a book. This listing is compiled of the most fun books for what’s commonly considered a “short study”. These brief books under 100 pages are selected from a lot of genres including short stories, non-fiction, children’s classics, self-help, and poetry. However, hold in thought that a few brief books, especially non-fiction, may appear plenty extra time-consuming to study than others.

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